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Letters: Supporting Hoff for Westminster council; Vote Dillon for mayor of Westminster; Endorsing Domotor for Mt. Airy council | READER COMMENTARY

Editor’s Note: Municipal elections in Carroll County will be held from May 3 through May 18. The Times will publish one letter to the editor per writer endorsing candidates, as space allows, up until one week before that municipality’s election.

Supporting Hoff for Westminster council

Having both a professional and personal relationship with Dan Hoff, I wanted to share some reasons why I believe Dan is an excellent candidate for Westminster City Council.


Dan is extremely detailed orientated and always well prepared to address any issue. As plant manager of Lehigh Hanson in Union Bridge, I have worked with Hoff on a number of very complex projects and have seen this firsthand.

As a member of the business community working with a number of non-profits, I have seen that Dan understands the role business plays in the community. He has served in various leadership positions on both County and industry boards. I have continually seen him help facilitate and move forward difficult and complex issues that needed resolution, without the need or desire to claim the spotlight for himself.


He always has a great feel for the pulse of the community, and he and his family agency have been good partners. Dan Hoff and his family have deep roots in our community and have been committed to the best interests of Westminster and Carroll County for decades.

His love and engagement in the community has always been prominently displayed, with his many leadership positions in numerous organizations. I admire his drive to find win-win type of solutions and the diligence and determination to push these efforts forward to a final agreement. He is accessible and approachable throughout any issue or transaction I have seen him tackle, a key attribute for an individual to gain the background and facts necessary to find the best path forward.

The city of Westminster would benefit and be fortunate to have somebody of his kill, energy and commitment representing the place I call home. So, please vote for Dan Hoff on May 11. He is a great candidate.

Kent Martin, Westminster

Vote Dillon for mayor of Westminster

I am writing in support of Dennis Dillon for mayor of Westminster. He and his family have my been friends for almost two decades. I first met Dennis while he was coaching my son in youth football in Mt. Airy. Dillon was a true motivator and advocate for the kids while his coaching style taught life lessons in leadership, teamwork, and civic responsibility. To this day, he has maintained a positive relationship with my son who views him as a mentor he can ask advice from at any time.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to observe Dillon in both his professional and personal environment. He is a proven winner; he is a dedicated leader with a mindset for inclusion and the desire to make everyone’s life better. He works tirelessly, as a business executive and business owner, and continues to be successful in both roles while maintaining a healthy and successful family life. He and his wife have raised two awesome boys who exemplify the values and beliefs their parents instill. The entire Dillon family actively engages with the community, supporting charities, noble causes, and quality of life issues. Dennis Dillon is friendly, approachable, and real, he cares about his community.

I have been a law enforcement officer for over 30 years, Dillon has my full faith and trust to lead the city of Westminster into the future. He is driven, he will never stop working for the people of Westminster. He is a dedicated leader always looking for solutions to his customers problems and issues, I have no doubt these qualities will carry over into a political career filled with success and a better way of life for the people of Westminster. I fully endorse Dennis Dillon’s candidacy for mayor.

Dana M. Way, Westminster


Endorsing Domotor for Mt. Airy council

We have known Steve Domotor for over 20 years. Our kids grew up together. Our families still gather in summer around the grill for backyard barbecues, allowing us the opportunity really know him. We are confident that he will do an outstanding job serving on the Mount Airy Town Council as we move forward, embracing what makes Mount Airy special — that small-town feel and the incredible community spirit.

Vote for Domotor because he is a proven leader. He served over 10 years in scouting and recently engaged his analytical expertise for our town’s Growth and Development Task Force. Vote for Domotor because of his excellent professional skills — his civil service experience for 34 years, first at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, then at the U.S. Department of Energy and most recently with the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Vote for Domotor not just for what he as accomplished, but for who he is — a man of integrity and honesty, a great neighbor and friend who has a heart for our community — somebody who really listens and cares about people, someone who has the necessary skills to successfully serve Mount Airy on the Town Council.

Vote for Steve Domotor on May 31.

MaryAnn and Jay Gaver, Mount Airy