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Letters: Columnist’s disturbing insults getting old; Endorsing to Dillon for mayor of Westminster; Is liberal motive fairness or something more?| READER COMMENTARY

Editor’s Note: Municipal elections in Carroll County will be held from May 3 through May 18. The Times will publish one letter to the editor per writer endorsing candidates, as space allows, up until one week before that municipality’s election.

Columnist’s disturbing insults getting old

In Tom Zirpoli’s column of March 17, referring to Andrew Cuomo, he writes, “Republicans should win the Hypocrisy of the Year award after defending you know who ... at least Cuomo isn’t married and cheating on one of his three wives.” Wow! Really? The unwanted sexual advances and harassment allegations against Cuomo are not a political issue, however, in the quest to continually bash Trump and Republicans, insulting, demeaning and belittling these women is apparently a small price to pay to advance the agenda. Does sexual harassment only count if the perpetrator is married? I find this defense of Cuomo particularly disturbing. And people wonder if the “Good Ol” Boys Club” is still alive and well?


In the same column, Zirpoli refers to a Yahoo News Poll that suggests 44% of Republicans believe Bill Gates is using the coronavirus vaccine to implant tracking devices in people. The belief increases to 50% of Republicans who named Fox News as their primary news source. Zirpoli claims that only a “Trump supporter” could believe such a silly idea. And so, the mudslinging continues.

In the so-called Yahoo News Poll, how many people were polled and what questions were asked? Furthermore, how honestly will people answer? Nobody knows. Polls are structured to produce a desired result. According to your poll almost 1 out of every 2 Republicans believe that the vaccine is intended to implant a tracking device in people. I am a Republican and Fox News viewer and in my circle I haven’t heard anyone say they believe the vaccine implants a tracking device. By the way, everybody already has a tracking device on them ... .it’s called a cellphone.


Anyone who has tuned into Fox News lately might have noticed the periodic updates of the anchors disclosing when they received their COVID vaccines, hardly promoting the idea of not getting vaccinated.

Why the continuous insulting of Republicans and Fox News viewers? Are we all supposed to watch CNN and MSNBC as if they are the purveyors of all truth? I think not. A well-informed person gathers information from multiple sources. Unfortunately, it is hard to know what is actual truth from opinion in the news these days. So, stop with the insults, they are beyond getting old!

Mary Kelly, Manchester

Endorsing to Dillon for mayor of Westminster

I am writing this letter in support of Dennis Dillon, who is running for mayor of Westminster, Maryland. I could not think of a better candidate to run your city. He has the experience of running the most profitable subsidiary of a large business. In fact, his company was one of the few that had a successful year in 2020. This was due to Dennis’ hard work, ability to build coalitions across his enterprise, and his reputation for honesty and integrity.

As a retired Air Force colonel, with over 35 years, I know a person of integrity. I am currently employed by the government in a high-profile position where failure is not an option. I’ve known Dennis for over 20 years, and he would easily be considered one of my top employees if he worked for me. He takes pride in his work, and takes the time to do what’s best for his company. He will do the same for the city of Westminster. He is a team player and will work to each other’s strengths to make Westminster a better place. He lives there and understands the issues.

If elected, Dennis will put all he has into working for the people of Westminster. I have every confidence in his abilities and his life experiences and believe he is more than qualified to be your mayor.

Virginia S. Penrod, Springfield, Virginia

Is liberal motive fairness or something more?

Do you know what makes me mad, so angry I could eat Brussels sprouts? All these liberals crying about voter identification. I have a Maryland drivers license photo ID I am in he VA health care system with a photo ID.  I go to Fort Detrick for my primary care and, you guessed it ... photo ID with background check.  I would rather just show my social security card to show I exist.


I was really hoping but disappointed after President Biden took office that all your Trump-hating counterparts and RINOS would stop trashing him.  I thought surely they would be bragging about all of Biden’s major accomplishments. I have come to the conclusion that they didn’t just hate Trump, but that they hate all conservatives, and anyone that disagrees with them. And these are the very people leading our college students.

I saw where many “John Does” are leaving the Democratic Party and going to vote Republican in the mid-terms. I hope it’s not too late. It makes you wonder what their motive is.  Is it really about fairness or something more?

Howard Phillips, Westminster