Letters: Council candidate lists priorities; taking exception with Krebs on Styrofoam; poses question, 'Why hate?'

Westminster Council candidate Carter lists priorities

I made the decision to run for Westminster City Council by taking a leap of faith. By working with citizens and the fellow council members I will be a catalyst for positive changes in Westminster. I can lead and enhance the community by working with and listening to citizens and business owners of Westminster.

One of my priorities is safety. Safety is of utmost importance to Westminster and I want to continue to make our city a safer place to live, work, and play. As a former member of Westminster’s Public Safety Advisory Council (PSAC), I know what the main concerns are and it is my conviction to continue to drive awareness for community safety and provide strong support for our police department and emergency medical services by concentrating on recruitment and retention of our personnel.


Second, I will focus on community. Being a member of a community is more than a common ZIP code. It is a place where people come together to support common causes and interact by sharing community activities. We need to create “One Westminster”— to concentrate on a collaborative environment between the government and our citizens and promote responsive communication. I will continue to strongly support recreational activities and promote healthy initiatives to make Westminster a “Healthy City.”

Rounding out my top three priorities is economic viability. This is a key priority where Westminster can continue to improve. There has been much commentary surrounding the concept of revitalizing Main Street and downtown Westminster by making our county seat a vibrant place. I will support efforts by making changes including updating our city's website, supporting our small businesses, and reviewing and updating the city code as necessary to support a family-friendly environment on Main Street.

On a personal note, I was born and raised in Westminster and work in the information technology field as a software engineer. My husband Tom and I live on a quaint street in downtown and enjoy walking to restaurants and participating in downtown activities.

Kate Carter


Takes issue with Krebs’ comments on ban

I take issue with Del. Susan Krebs comments regarding the Styrofoam ban recently passed by the legislature in Annapolis. The ban on Styrofoam is not simply an attempt to deal with littering; it is an effort to stop the effects of pollution on climate change.

Her comments reflect the typically myopic view many conservatives have regarding the negative impacts humans have had on this planet. Styrofoam, plastic straws, plastic bags … the reality is that all these are going away, in communities across the nation, and this is a good thing, a simple effort we must make if we wish to keep our planet from deteriorating even more. I also don’t appreciate her use of the tired (and racist) old trope blaming all of Maryland’s ills on Baltimore. I see plenty of trash in Carroll County, we are no better than anyone else in that regard.

Getting rid of Styrofoam is a necessary step we need to take, and one that is long overdue. I look forward to the day when Maryland gets rid of plastic bags and straws as well.

Jennifer Hamilton


Why do we now hate those who disagree with us?

Whatever happened to the thinking, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Whether said by Voltaire in 1759 or by British historian Tallentyre in 1906, the words are worth revisiting.

How have we sunk to the level of hating people who disagree with us? How have we come to believe that only we and the people who agree with us are absolutely right? Is it a form of narcissism or inflated self worth? God is the only one who knows the absolute truth about everything. It should be fun to find out in the afterlife.

To people who interrupt and scream over others, I would say “Why should I listen to you if you will not listen to me?”

Why hate? I believe that God created us in His image and likeness. To create. To think. God gave us free will. Why should we try to deprive people of free will in order to make them think exactly the way we want them to think? Boring!


Margaret S. Smetana

Pinehurst, N.C.