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Letters: Thanks to all respiratory care practitioners; Consider Carroll Community College this fall; Supporting Laura Morton for Circuit Court judge

Thanks to all respiratory care practitioners

As our community, our country and world continue to work through the circumstances of COVID-19, there is a group of unsung heroes that like others on the front lines caring for those succumbed to the virus have our gratitude and recognition.

It appears when the virus’ ugliest physiologic outcome manifests, its victims exhibit dysfunction of the respiratory system. Front line caregivers; the nurses, physicians and all the many first responders are central to defeating this pandemic. We cannot thank them enough. I do want to draw attention, though, to a smaller group of professionals known as respiratory care practitioners (RCP) who tend to be less in focus to the public yet playing a critical role.


In full disclosure I am a licensed non-practicing RCP, having shifted my career path many years ago.  Still always feeling a compelling desire to remain licensed and part of this group.

It is with pride I share insight that RCPs have always been there, a bit out of the limelight, caring for those affected by illness, accident, and disease from birth to end of life. These professionals possess technical skill and provide hands on care to manage both patients and machines to restore health.  Intubated patients, often requiring mechanical ventilation are monitored continually. Both patient and machine are overseen by caregivers and with constant assessment to ensure life.


Acute health care has been supported by respiratory professional’s caring for the sickest of patients for decades. RCPs are a hearty and caring bunch.

As a group we hope and pray that you never have cause to need the care of an RCP. If though you do, rest assured the nurses, doctors and all care givers, including respiratory therapists are there to aid your recovery.

David Hemler


Consider Carroll Community College this fall

First, I hope this letter finds you safe and healthy. I want to take a moment to reach out to Carroll County’s young adults and their parents. Likely, you are finding this pandemic is creating a great deal of uncertainty regarding college plans for the upcoming fall semester, especially for graduating high school seniors. 

I would like to urge you to consider Carroll Community College as an option for this fall. It is small, close to home, affordable, and very safe. The community college offers a wide variety of excellent credit offerings that will transfer anywhere.  They also have programs for certifications and training that can lead to a career, many of which can be completed within three to six months.  The college has financial aid, grants, and significant scholarship opportunities available, as well.  For those who are rising high school juniors and seniors, dual enrollment is also something worth considering. 

Sadly, it will take some time to recover from this world-wide crisis.  CCC is ready and able to serve those who would like to stay close to home, to begin their college degree or those who want to access short-term, in-demand certifications to weather the uncertain job market ahead.  Registration for new students begins on April 21.  Visit or call 410-386-8000 for more information. 

Tony Chiavacci



The writer is a member of the Carroll Community College Foundation Board of Directors.

Supporting Laura Morton for Circuit Court judge

In 2018, citizens in Carroll County proudly selected and elected the first woman Circuit Court judge. This important milestone was reached because of her impressive record of service as a practicing attorney, her background, education and success in representing citizens’ needs in the county courts.

This year we have the same opportunity and should select Ms. Laura Morton as the newest Circuit  Court judge. Her long established career has set her apart from the others and her legal work as a  former Fellow of the Maryland State Bar Association Leadership Academy reflects her work with  practicing attorneys statewide.

Laura’s outstanding work assisting those who could not afford a lawyer but needed their legal rights protected is the leadership citizens need on the Circuit Court. Her expertise with criminal law and most importantly family law was honed by trying thousands of cases on behalf of local families.

Laura Morton will make a critical difference as our latest Circuit Court judge. She will be the independent voice for fairness that all citizens need. I encourage all Democrats and Republicans to vote for Laura on your mail in ballots and keep politics out of the courts.


Doug Mathias