Letters: No comparison between FDR, Bush and Trump; What if Hillary Clinton were president?; Delegation endorses Titus for Circuit Court judge; How do we know, commissioner?

No comparison between FDR, Bush and Trump

Regarding the Hampstead writer [Harry Griffith] complaining about Tom Zirpoli questioning the president [“Columnist should stop criticizing president,” April 19], it is our duty to question our elected officials.

To compare the current President with FDR and George W Bush, there is no comparison. FDR was a great leader, Bush, though not a great leader, was able to pull this country together with his personality and his empathy.


To claim, “no one could have predicted or prevented this enormous threat”, go no further than Ohio.

On Feb. 26, the Cleveland Clinic alerted the public. The Governor there shut down all large gatherings and the Cleveland Clinic began working with hospital systems in Columbus and Cincinnati to prepare for what was to happen. They have kept their totals to a minimum. All of this happened a month after the White House was informed.


With the lack of a national leader, citizens are looking toward their local governors. Yes, this virus does not care who you are, it attacks everybody. So, we all must work together to defeat it. The only one I see pulling us apart is the current president with his destructive undermining tweets.

Yes Hampstead, enough is enough, its time for the president to get on board and unite this country. Swallow that “ME” attitude because it is “All About Us.”

Jeff Gardner


What if Hillary Clinton were president?

Being a lover of history, I sometimes indulge in a game of “what if”  and imagine how subsequent events would play out.  

“What if” Lincoln had skipped going to see that play. How would post Civil War reconstruction be affected?  “What if” the bridge crew of the Titanic had spotted that iceberg a minute sooner. How would early 20th century events been affected? Even “what if” Chinese authorities had been truthful and the World Health Organization been competent as the Wuhan virus spread?  

“What if” Hillary Rodham Clinton had been elected 45th president of the United States? I’m sure that many friends, relatives, and several Carroll County Times opinion columnists would be ecstatic over that outcome. But consider this point of time in a hypothetical Clinton presidency. 

With the primary season curtailed and a looming national election, would President Clinton, “in the interests public safety and pandemic control,” suspend the election “until such time that primary and general elections can be conducted in a secure and healthy manner?”  Would President Clinton, with the help of compliant state governors (California comes to mind) federalize national guard units “to maintain public order?” Would administration by executive order rather than legislation then make Congress irrelevant? Would the Supreme Court and the Constitution be suspended in “the interest of peace and stability?” 

In short, would this hypothetical administration “not let a good crisis go to waste?” Hillary Clinton’s track record as first lady first of Arkansas and then the United States; then New York senator, secretary of state, and presidential candidate; her seriously deficient ethical compass, self-aggrandizement, and inability to accept electoral defeat — meaning that if in power she would do anything to keep it   all suggest that this hypothetical administration would be disastrous for the country.

 However, this totally fabricated scenario doesn’t concern me as much as the fact that too many of my fellow citizens would welcome it.  As I said earlier, “What if.... .”

Frederick Frevert



Delegation endorses Titus for Circuit Court judge

As Carroll County’s resident members of the Maryland General Assembly, we have a keen interest in making sure that people who serve as judges in our county are fair, smart, and firm. This is why we were pleased and very supportive of the Governor’s appointment of Judge Richard Titus to the Circuit Court for Carroll County.

Judge Titus has demonstrated during his time on the bench that he has a wise intellect, discernment, and temperament to administer justice fairly and efficiently for the citizens of Carroll County.   

You'll be receiving your primary ballot in the mail shortly, be sure to take notice of this important office on the ballot and make your voice heard by mailing it back in. The District 5 Delegation is happy to endorse Judge Titus in the upcoming Primary Election on June 2nd, and we respectfully ask our fellow Carroll County voters to support him as well.

Sen. Justin Ready

Del. Susan Krebs

Del. April Rose

Del. Haven Shoemaker

This letter was jointly signed by the members of the Carroll County delegation.

How do we know, commissioner?

I read where Commissioner Bouchat wants all this tomfoolery stopped that's causing depression, anxiety, drug abuse and alcoholism and get healthy people back to work ASAP.  I have a question for you Mr Commissioner. How do we know who is healthy?

J. E. Gottleib


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