Letters: Kudos to Taneytown mayor; 'Walk a Mile' a success; Dems must be careful; Sprinkle column lauded

Endorsing McCarron for helping Taneytown weather the storm

I am writing from Taneytown. Once again, election time is upon us. The mayor and council have had a very turbulent time in the last four years. The citizens of Taneytown should give each of them a special gratitude of thinks. They all persevered, they weathered the storm.

The city attorney and the city staff were often victims of verbal attacks and deserve a thank-you as well.


The mayor has done a tremendous job handling the situations as they occurred. He kept the ship afloat. This is not the time to even think about replacing him. Mayor McCarron should be rewarded with another four-year term.

The last four years remind me of a chapter out of a Sol Alinsky book, how to overthrow the government. Sol is probably rolling over in his grave, saying why wouldn’t this work in Taneytown.

Thank you, Mayor McCarron, city council, city attorney and all the city staff for a job well done. Vote to keep Mayor McCarron in office. He deserves it and we deserve him.

Marvin Flickinger


Hundreds again took ‘walk,’ took stand against sexual violence

On Saturday, April 13th, Rape Crisis Intervention Service of Carroll County hosted our 11th annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes prevention and awareness event at Westminster City Park. With the support of more than 30 staff and volunteers and 48 local business sponsors, 233 community members walked down Main Street in Westminster to take a stand against sexual violence in Carroll County.

This is a serious issue that can be difficult to face, but for many years this event has helped start and continue conversations about how to prevent sexual violence and support the survivors in our community. It was also, in many ways, a fun and festive event. We enjoyed entertainment from DJ Raptor, as well as refreshments provided by the Lineboro-Manchester Lions Club and Genova’s-To-Go Westminster. Please consider joining us next year!

The funds raised by this event support the free services RCIS provides to victims of sexual violence and their friends and family members in Carroll County. We offer free counseling with licensed therapists, hospital and police accompaniments, and prevention education programs to schools and community groups all over the county. If you or someone you know may be in need of these services, or to discuss how we may be able to support your community organization, please reach out to (410) 857-0900 during regular office hours or to our 24-hour hotline at (410) 857-7322.

Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates on events like this one, as well as information on how you can continue to make a difference in Carroll County. Thank you from the staff of Rape Crisis Intervention Service of Carroll County to every business, local organization, and walker who joined us this year! We hope to see you again, along with some new faces, next year!

Johanna Veader


If Dems go too far, they’ll lose the next election

I am a 73 year old U.S. Army retiree. I consider myself an independent voter, and have voted for Republicans and Democrats alike. I will never vote for the current president. He is a racist and a sexual predator. He probably should be in prison for things he has already admitted to. That said, some of the current Democratic candidates are proposing things that are a step too far, and may lose them the election.

First, free medical care. The senator from Vermont says that medical care will be free for all. When asked how it would be paid for, he dodged the question. It's obvious that it would be taxes. Our taxes. I believe that we should take care of those who really can't take care of themselves, but this assumes we will pay for those who can take care of themselves. I agreed with the ACA, that everyone should be in a program, but it requires some participation by all.

The second item is “reparations.” My families all came to this country in the 20th century. My wife's families came in the very late 19th century. We had nothing to do with slavery, and, in fact, left Europe to escape oppression. Slavery was an abomination, practiced for centuries all over the world. I'm glad it's gone in this country. However, payment for something gone for almost two centuries is ridiculous. Any candidate who pushes it is likely to lose votes that he or she would otherwise get. That gives us four more years, but I won't vote for them. I suspect it will turn many states red.


Rick Gordon


Enjoyed Sprinkle’s ‘Other Voices’ column

Thank you for the Other Voices article by M.K. Sprinkle on April 10. Please give us more of this. It was an excellent article.

Pat Heishman