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Letters: On vaccinations, dangerous intersection, bad bill, dogs' fate

Thanks to Health Department, those who vaccinate their children

As the father of a toddler who attends daycare in Carroll County, I am extremely happy to see the local health department and healthcare providers promote the use of immunizations to protect my child and her friends from preventable diseases like measles. Measles is on pace to break all sorts of records in regards to the number of cases and deaths in the United States and elsewhere, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization. In America, we are lucky to have access to vaccines while in places like Madagascar, families have to pay weeks' worth of wages for the measles vaccine. This had led to over 1,200 deaths in Madagascar, mostly in children, almost all in unvaccinated.

While we have the medical technology to treat children who would fall ill to measles, why risk it? Why risk the complications like pneumonia, encephalitis and ear infections? Why miss time from work to stay home with a sick child? And, most of all, why make our children sick with a preventable disease?


Yes, there are people who are on the fence when it comes to vaccines. I encourage those parents to have an open and honest discussion with their children's pediatrician or with their own healthcare provider, as I did. Those healthcare providers are the best people to help parents make a truly informed decision on vaccination, more so than any online celebrity or so-called expert who does not know the parents personally.

Finally, I'd like to thank the parents who've vaccinated their children on time, as recommended. It's a simple thing to do, but it keeps all of our children -- especially those too young or too sick to be immunized -- safe and healthy so they can grow up to live their dreams.


Rene Najera

Hanover, PA

A solution to a dangerous intersection

Several years ago, they stopped permitting traffic from turning into the Crossroads Shopping Center (on a green arrow) from Malcolm Drive from 3 to 6 p.m. Since then, there have been multiple traffic accidents at that intersection.

Perhaps the turn lane was not the problem? Due to the number of vehicles turning left out of the shopping center on Jermor Lane, vehicles coming straight across are not visible. As there are multiple ways out of that shopping center to Md. 140 ( one by Dunkin Donuts, a second by BB&T Bank, and yet another in the back to Main Street, perhaps that is the turn lane that should be restricted? Or eliminated. Add a “No Turn on Red” from Malcolm Drive into Crossroads, and I will bet you will see fewer accidents at that (shopping center) intersection. I am not sure this is the solution, but the current situation is not working!

M. Miller


Abolition of Abortion Act bill deemed ‘dehumanizing’

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Representative Tony Tinderkot has introduced the Abolition of Abortion Act which is frankly disturbing, misogynistic and dehumanizing. This bill would say that women who seek an abortion are then to get the death penalty. His contention is that this bill will make women “more personally responsible” when it comes how and when they will engage in a sexual encounter.

There is no mention of the man’s responsibility regarding sexual behavior. The measure suggests that an embryo has the same rights as a human child. That there are no exceptions for incest, rape or any danger to the pregnant woman’s life. He clearly has NO respect for women and their lives. Does that have anything to do with the fact that he has had five marriages? Just wondering!


Patricia Roop Hollinger


Not a happy ending for dogs

I’m not sure why you wanted to make it look like a happy ending. That guy who picked up that dog is another breeder, put the poor dog in a cage in the back of his truck. I’m not sure why any dogs were released? Not a happy ending for that dog. Should have been altered by CCHS before any release.

Ruth Yaskovich