Spiritual blindness produces hypocrisy

M.K. Sprinkle’s recent piece addressing people who question Trump’s faith was very well-written, true and enjoyable. Only God knows who is a Christian. The stone throwing and fruit inspecting people that are attacking Christian Trump supporters are typical truth twisters. Jesus condemned the religious and political establishment and the only person we do know is saved is the thief on the cross. As Christians we know that we were blind until we were born again (John 3:3) and now see. We pray for those who are blind.

Spiritual blindness is one explanation for the hypocrisy and ignorance of the people who believe the propaganda and ignore the facts. The “Blexit” and “Walk Away” movements are akin to a revival as independent-thinking black and LGBTQ people are seeing through the Democrat fake news. The left is now naked as we see them only able to attack people’s character and distracting folks with side shows instead of having reasonable debate and discussing the important issues.


A leader is a watchmen and looks out to see the possible threats to those he/she is leading. Trump is the first leader to see the threats properly and address them since Reagan. If you think climate change is caused by human activity then China would be the place to change since they would be doing the most damage. China has the centralized, authoritarian structure and could force the people to stop using fuel, etc. The billion or so people there must not believe the “science.” The truth is the sun causes the climate and scientist know it. If you look at a scale diagram of the Earth to the Sun you should be able to see that a little variation in the sun’s temp such as solar flares are much more significant to the earths temperature than you or me driving cars or heating and cooling our homes.

Our national debt is mostly due to the socialist programs we have from Roosevelt (Social Security) and Johnson (Medicare/aid). We can’t afford those programs, much less more programs like them no matter how good the sales politicians make it sound. The first recipient of Social Security put in $24.75 and receive $22,888.92. It is a Ponzi scheme run by the criminal political class. All the Dems’ solutions are about having taxpayers giving them more money and power to supposedly solve the problems they created.

Myles Stanley


Director spews lies about Catholic Church

Regarding Thursday's article about Mary Lambert, the director of “Pet Sematary,” I refer to her last answer in the article, which was about the Catholic Church. How irresponsible of her to write on a subject about which she is obviously totally ignorant. This sort of stupidly from someone people look up to, and foolishly believe without investigating, is why people still believe outrageous things about the church. Our prayers to God do not go through priests. We sometimes ask a priest to pray for us the same way we ask friends and neighbors to pray for us if we are having struggles or are sick. Men do not tell their wives what to do. Wrong denomination Mary.

And the two last sentences, I just shake my head. She said, "It's all very patriarchal … God talks to the priest, the priest talks to the man, and the man tells his wife what to do. The women are right at the very bottom, down there with animals in terms of any kind of freedom of speech or expression." How incredibly unprofessional and uncaring of her to spread such ridiculous, untrue, stupid lies. Shame, shame on her for writing such trash. The Catholic Church has enough trouble right now. We don't need lies to be added to it.

Ruth Kalinowski Doxzen


Tougher animal cruelty laws needed

Regarding … the two people who [allegedly] murdered [27] dogs and left another 20-some dogs in extremely poor health, I believe Carroll County needs to have tougher penalties with regard to people who violate the law with such blatantness and complete disregard for the lives of animals. I think these people must go to jail and be an example to all.

Mike Zoccola