Letters: Fraternal Order of Police endorses Titus for judge; Business not taking pandemic seriously; Asking voters to choose Biden over Trump

Fraternal Order of Police endorses Titus for judge

Carroll County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 20 is proud to announce our endorsement of Richard Titus as judge of the Circuit Court for Carroll County. 

FOP Lodge 20 represents sworn law enforcement and correctional officers from every agency in Carroll County; which includes the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center, Westminster City Police Department, Hampstead Police Department, Manchester Police Department, Taneytown Police Department, Mt. Airy Police Department, Sykesville Police Department, Springfield Hospital Police Department, and Baltimore Environmental Police Department.


Lodge 20 held an endorsement process through email ballot to all active members, so everyone had a vote in the process. Typically, the lodge would have each candidate address the membership in person, but due to our current state of emergency, questionnaires were sent to each candidate.  At the end of the endorsement process, Judge Titus received 85% of the vote out of three candidates vying for the judgeship.

Lodge 20 is pleased to support Titus for this position. He is seen by our membership as fair, impartial and prepared for each and every case he presides over. He’s been endorsed by his peers within the legal community and went through an exhaustive vetting process before being selected by Gov. Hogan to fill the seat in Carroll County.


His proven moral approach, fairness, and impartiality are just some of the reason’s members of Carroll County FOP Lodge 20 voted to endorse Titus for judge of the Circuit Court in Carroll County. As current and future difficult times loom, Carroll County needs a strong judiciary to uphold the Constitution and keep law and order in our community at the forefront. We ask that you join us in voting for Judge Richard Titus when you receive your 2020 primary election ballots in the mail.

Brandon Holland


The writer is the president of the Carroll County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 20.

Business not taking pandemic seriously

It is amazing how people don’t seem to really care about the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is a response to the article in the Carroll County Times on Friday, April 10, “Health officer satisfied businesses are following the virus guidelines” by Arika Kyles. I have no idea what businesses Ed Singer checked but it definitely wasn’t the gas station in Eldersburg I stopped at on Friday to get gas.

I thought the nighttime window would be open for gas but it wasn’t. You had to go inside. When I went inside I was taken aback.

In the small retail area there must have been 12 people buying everything from vape equipment, power drinks and gas. As I said the small retail area. There was no way of getting 6 feet apart from one another. I covered my face the best I could with my jacket, bought my gas and left.

I then proceeded to make a report to the state police. They told me they would send an officer by to check on it. I waited 30 minutes and no officer arrived.

I can see gas stations being essential but only for gas through the nighttime window. They shouldn’t be open to sell vape equipment, lighters, power drinks, lottery tickets etc. Something needs to be done to regulate this atrocity of not following the governor’s executive orders.

BC Wilson



Asking voters to choose Biden over Trump

A second term? Just more aggravation! As we know, time is passing by — day by day. We are in the month of April, 2020, and are waiting six-plus months time until we arrive to Nov. 3 for the next presidential election.

As for the men challenging each other, of course I am aware that the man who won in 2016, President Donald J. Trump, will be challenging Joe Biden for the Democrats [who] I believe will have a better chance to win the presidency. Except for one possible thought. Has Trump already planned anything or has he asked anyone from anyplace, to give him close assistance to strengthen his chances of winning on Election Day?

Of course, even with Biden opposing Trump, with the way Trump plans things at any time, I would start worrying somewhat. Since Trump is getting close to the end of his terrible, badly serving first term to the United States, in my opinion, with the take-in of his nearly four years of being entitled president of the United States, he in no way should get a second term.

Please, voters, make the worthwhile choice.

Richard E. Eiwen


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