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Letters: Commissioners should support law enforcement pay raises; Slowing population growth a good thing; Supporting Becker for Westminster mayor | READER COMMENTARY

Editor’s Note: Municipal elections in Carroll County will be held from May 3 through May 18. The Times will publish one letter to the editor per writer endorsing candidates, as space allows, up until one week before that municipality’s election.

Commissioners should support law enforcement pay raises

Recently, during an open session for the Board of Carroll County Commissioners, a statement was made saying that employee salaries need to be improved for all county employees. I am the president of Carroll County’s Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 20, and I am writing to confirm that Carroll County has some of the lowest paid police in the state.


Daily, the national media has a story that reflects negatively on a police officer that in turn casts a shadow over the entire profession. In Annapolis, police reform bills are being debated deciding whether or not to rid officers of their right to due process when being questioned on a split-second decision they made while protecting the citizens of the jurisdiction they serve. Officers pour every ounce of energy they have into serving, protecting, and building upon their communities, only to have every decision questioned and ridiculed socially, locally, or even nationally. Officers are naturally going to flee this profession all over the state.

Law enforcement personnel in Carroll County do an outstanding job, frequently resorting to their training and experience to defuse and deescalate difficult situations that could’ve brought the national spotlight to Carroll County. The crime rate in Carroll County is low and that should be directly attributable to the quality of policing in the county, the same policing that is being underpaid.


Compared to agencies of similar size and responsibilities like Harford, Frederick, Washington and St. Mary’s counties, Carroll County Sheriff’s Office patrol deputies are paid considerably lower. The disparity continues as a deputy goes up in rank and takes on additional responsibilities, compared to these same agencies. When officers leave those agencies, Carroll officers will flock to the higher paying agencies leaving Carroll’s patrols short staffed.

This is also the case for corrections deputies in Carroll who are working below minimum manpower, having leave canceled, and forced to maintain an on-call rotation and work on their scheduled days off.

This Board of Commissioners has a unique opportunity to stand up for the men and women of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office who have a tremendous amount of support from the public they serve. It is an opportunity for the Board of Commissioners to show the citizens of Carroll County that they are invested in keeping Carroll statistically the safest county in the state for years to come.

Brandon Holland, Westminster

The author is a sergeant with the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office.

Slowing population growth a good thing

Regarding Tyler Cowen’s “What does the world need? More humans” Op-Ed on April 3, I first checked to make sure it was not an April Fool’s joke; while still not confirmed, that does not appear to be the issue.

The central problem is that Cowen’s thesis makes absolutely no sense and he provides no facts to back it up. Is Cowen oblivious to the present problems on the U.S.-Mexico border? Does Cowen not care about the overcrowded humanity crises in Africa, the Middle East, and China? Further, our almost 8 billion people on the planet (and still growing) are already in ecological overshoot, exceeding the planet’s capacity to sustain itself, and driving many plant and animal species toward extinction.

Slowing human population growth would hardly be a disaster and can be done without coercive governmental intrusion. In fact, the most common correlation between stable human populations and human behavior is the empowerment of females. In sum, I think most of us would prefer a world that maintains the natural bounty provided by our Creator, not one where we reproduce like bunnies to work like ants and bees.


William J. Snape III, Westminster

Supporting Becker for Westminster mayor

Westminster City limits friends and former neighbors, please vote Mona Becker for mayor in the upcoming municipal election. Mona has served as a city councilmember in the past and she is an educator for Carroll County Public Schools. She’s highly educated (doctorate), has excellent communication skills, is level-headed, and she is able to think outside of the box to find creative solutions to unique problems.

You may recognize her as the unofficial greeter at the downtown Westminster farmers market. Forever an advocate and supporter of local business, Mona is an asset to the businesses and the residents of Westminster! Please vote Mona for mayor on May 11!

Kate Fisher, Westminster (formerly in city limits)