Letters: Trump lacks accomplishments; God is on Trump's side; hooray for Taneytown candidates

Accomplishments needed for president to be ‘great’

Harry Griffith [in a recent letter] calls Trump a great president. Sorry, Harry, great presidents need a legacy of long-term accomplishment.

George Washington was our first president; everything he did was a first, every action he took set a precedent. Jefferson, with the stroke of his pen, doubled the size of our country. Madison led us through our “Second War of Independence.” Monroe’s “Doctrine” still stands as the lynchpin of our foreign policy, and he got us Florida. Polk said he’d get California, Texas, and Oregon, and when he left we had all three.


Lincoln ended slavery and held the Union together. Teddy Roosevelt brought the working man a “Square Deal.” He said, “When I say square deal I don’t mean everyone gets the winning hand. I do mean everyone gets dealt in.” On the way he brought us the F.D.A., our national park system, the Panama Canal, not to mention announcing to the world we were a great power, and he broke up some mighty mean monopolies. Franklin Roosevelt saved us from the “Great Depression” and led us through World War II; along the way we got Social Security, unemployment protections, the 40-hour work week, child labor protections, the Tennessee Valley Authority, the FDIC., the G.I. Bill, the Pentagon, the United Nations, minimum wage laws, and more.

Next up: Truman with the Marshall Plan, the integration of the Armed Forces, the CIA, NATO, and the strategy that won the “Cold War.” Eisenhower nominated Earl Warren to the Supreme Court, the judge who broke the back of racial segregation, and he authorized our Interstate Highway System. Kennedy put us on the Moon and by doing so made us the world leader in technology. Johnson brought us Medicare. Obama gave us the Affordable Care Act providing health insurance for more than 20 million citizens.


Now Trump: he wants a wall. Does anyone believe a wall on our southern border will fix or end our nation’s insatiable lust for illegal drugs, the real cause of our immigration troubles?

William Murray


Trump hated but also ‘most loved, honored and respected’

I was wondering how Trump haters would react when the Mueller Report didn’t find him guilty of collusion. It didn’t take long. Mueller’s findings, even with the power of the federal government and unlimited resources, were unacceptable to the Democrats and the media mob. Surprise! The bullying continues. Not just the media, but also [letter-writer] David Iacono … when he used the beautiful Beatitudes to make a political point, to bash our president and to berate fellow Christians for supporting Donald Trump.

Today and since 2016, President Trump is the most hated man in the world. He is also the most loved, honored and respected for his unending efforts to secure American freedoms for us, and for future generations. I am in awe of his continued strength. Now I can’t compare Donald Trump to Jesus Christ, there is no comparison, but I can note a similarity. Jesus is the most hated man in human history. He is also the most loved, honored and adored.

In recognition of the Lent, I would like to paraphrase something I recently read. The Greatest Man in history was called Master but He had no servants. He was called Teacher but had no Degree. He was called Healer but had no medicine. He conquered the world without an army. He was crucified but committed no crime. He lives today in spite of being buried in a tomb. Jesus Christ is this Man, a part of the Trinity. President Trump has made miscues, but his determination is undeniable, and I firmly believe that God is on his side.

Diane Stuller

New Windsor

Follow Taneytown’s lead, make a run for Democracy

It's a lot of headaches, a lot of thankless tasks, a lot of hard, plodding work and certainly no glamour for a mayor and town council to keep town government going and on even keel month after month.

That's why I find it to be a positive, heartwarming sign that as many as four Taneytown residents are running for the town's mayor.

In these final days before candidate registration to run is closed [in some municipalities], perhaps Taneytown's example will inspire young people with families to run for either mayor or town council in the other towns, if not to bring in new, young blood, but to at least get the old incumbents' civic blood moving once again so they come out and reach out to the constituents and the community they were elected to serve.

Democracy dies with apathy. So, too, with unchallenged and unchecked leadership. A downward spiral is not something a town can ignore.


John D. Witiak

Union Bridge

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