Supporting Reed for Mount Airy Town Council

I am writing to express my support for Pamela M. Reed in her efforts to be elected for in the upcoming 2019 Mount Airy Town Council election.

Reed has done so much with charitable events in our community. Her hands-on approach allows her to stay in tune with whats going on in Mount Airy and how she can help improve community events. These town events such as Ava’s 5k For Down Syndrome & Mount Airy Oktoberfest have brought new business to our community. It helps all small business to have new exposure and overall more economic wealth. Her experience and dedication to this town is amazing.


My fellow voters in Mount Airy, please join me in casting your vote for Pamela Reed in the upcoming election for Town Council.

Andrea Stup

Mount Airy

Christians can, and do, support Trump

I cannot believe you published a letter from David Iacono, who I do not know, where he stated that supporting President Donald Trump means you must not be a Christian. I take strong exception to his position and wonder what kind of Christian he is, making judgment over people in this manner.

I consider myself a Christian, I voted Republican including for Donald Trump and would welcome the opportunity to do so again. Consider as I did that my option included Hillary Clinton, making Trump easily the lesser of two evils. Looking at the potential Democratic candidates lining up for the next election, supporting the Republican conservative ticket will be an easy choice again.

For my vote, I got a new Supreme Court justice (actually two), border protection, reduced taxes, conservative federal judges, support for military and law enforcement, and capitalism vs. the socialist/communist leaning of today’s Democratic party.

Ed Bollinger


Retiree families would be hurt by bill

In Senate Bill 946 sponsored by State Sen. Melony Griffith, prescription drug coverage for state retirees — anyone retiring after 2011 — will lose their prescription drug plan. As vice president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Retiree Chapter 1, what happened to Senate Bill 193 that all the senators sponsored? And House Bill 98? For the life of me I don’t know why Griffith would sponsor such a draconian bill that would devastate and affect state retiree families like that.

William Stevens