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Letters: Trump shows true colors in post-presidency; Endorsing Becker for Westminster mayor; Republicans in Congress just don’t care | READER COMMENTARY

Trump shows true colors in post-presidency

Jimmy Carter is a shining example of how the post-presidency is often the true measure of a man.

With that in mind, let’s consider our most recent ex-president and his behavior since leaving office, while keeping in mind that for all intents and purposes, he absented himself from the duties and responsibilities of the office the day after he lost the election. But that didn’t stop him from lying, manipulating and exhorting insurrection in his futile efforts to hold on to the presidency and its legally protective trappings.


Like other ex-presidents, Trump has had ample opportunities to champion humanitarian efforts, promote national health or help pave the way for improved international relations. Yet he has opted to take no such constructive actions.

What he has instead done is burrow down like a fat rodent at his gilded Florida estate and execute a scorched-earth policy of vengeance and retribution from his “golden throne” (the one with the silver handle).


His mean-spirted campaign has included lashing out at his critics, attempting to punish those honest politicians who refused to bow to his misdeeds while pursuing an ultimately destructive divide-and-conquer assault on the Republican Party.

All the while, he has persisted with his squalid “Stop the Steal” lies.

Thus far in his post-presidency, Trump has once again shown his true colors as a moral midget, a sordid bully and a miscreant.

Bob Allen, Eldersburg

Endorsing Becker for Westminster mayor

Former Westminster Councilmember Mona Becker will listen and act upon citizen’s concerns. I first met Mona as an outstanding choice to fill a vacated council seat that she later kept as an elected official. Mona has been tireless in her efforts to improve the environment. She also expresses concern for adequate water supply, safe viable neighborhoods, downtown growth with appropriate zoning and fiscal oversight.

With the recent Common Council support she continues to receive; I encourage you to vote on Tuesday, May 11, for Mona Becker as the next Westminster mayor.

Suzanne P. Albert, former Westminster City Council president

Republicans in Congress just don’t care

Think about it. Not a single Republican voted for the $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill in either the House or the Senate. This bill provides much needed relief for families struggling to pay the rent, to pay the mortgage, to put food on the table, to pay medical bills, etc. The bill provides working families with $1,400 each if you make less that $75,000 a year and increased child tax credits and unemployment benefits. It provides much needed assistance to state and local governments to roll out the vaccination program and to help with the opening of schools in a safe and healthy manner.


I can see why every Republican in Congress would not vote for a bill that the majority of Americans support. After all, what’s in this bill for their billionaire donors? A total of 278 Republicans had no problem voting for and passing the almost 2 trillion dollar tax reform bill under Trump where 85% of the benefits went to the top one percent.

When the Republican party won’t vote to fund the vaccine rollout and is against public health guidance like mask wearing, social distancing and other measures to curb the spread of coronavirus, then they must stop calling themselves the prolife party. They must also stop using the phrase “Blue Lives Matter.” The attack on law enforcement officers protecting the Capitol by pro-Trump extremists demonstrate they could care less about blue lives. Congressman Andy Harris was one of 12 House members that voted against recognizing Capitol Police for their service during the January 6, 2021 insurrection. District 1 constituents should be outraged and disgusted.

Republican state legislatures are working overtime to pass state laws to suppress the vote where no problem exists. The only problem is not liking the outcome of the 2020 election. Since they can’t compete and win elections based on ideas and good candidates, they need to make it more difficult for people, especially people of color, to vote. They are truly enemies of American democracy.

Finally, Republicans continue to express their fake “thoughts and prayers” over repeated mass shootings and human slaughter. What we need is legislative action to address mass shootings and human carnage from happening in the first place. Seems Congressional Republicans just don’t give a damn.

David J Iacono, Westminster