Letters: Trump vs. the virus; Put partisan hatred aside; Guns not needed to protect TP; Thankful for kindness; Wrong about Trump

Trump the right president to fight this virus

I have certainly had the time and opportunity to watch many of the early evening press sessions with President Trump and his task force during this COVID-19 virus crisis.

I know that I am not the only citizen who is impressed with these updates, nor the only American who is very grateful that we have Donald Trump in the White House at this extraordinary time. He and his team have shown clear, effective, coordinated leadership. President Trump is using all his considerable talent, skill, energy, experience and brilliance to wage combat against this dreadful foe. I am encouraged by the fact that he has proven to us that he knows how to win against daunting odds.


I was never a fan of Donald Trump: not when he was building casinos in Atlantic City, and not when he was promoting beauty pageants. I only saw “The Apprentice” on TV momentarily while channel surfing. I found the show unwatchable and The Donald obnoxious. Now I believe he might end up being one of the greatest presidents in this nation’s history.

Thank God we have Trump in place instead of the one “who might have been” or the one “who might be” if we are foolish enough not to give him a second term.


Michael Hurley


Put aside partisan hatred aside during crisis

My wife and I were watching the History Channel. They were talking about a Republican president giving a speech. The Democratic newspapers harshly criticized the speech. The year was 1863, the president, Abraham Lincoln, and the speech was the Gettysburg Address. During that era, every area had a Republican paper and one for the Democratic party. Partisanship was never worse!

The Grange was born soon after, and because our Founders saw the harm that extreme partisanship did to the country, our organization has always been non-partisan. We advocate for issues, but do not support specific candidates or party.

In this time of crisis, we as a country must put aside partisan hatred and put the good of the country first. We must work together to find a solution instead of finding the slightest reason to criticize.

Looking ahead, a non-partisan commission must draw the new legislative and Congressional districts to eliminate the ridiculous Gerrymandering that makes Maryland a laughingstock. We need to return the power to the citizens. Hopefully, that would reduce the extreme partisanship infecting our country

Allen Stiles

Silver Run

The author is the president of the Maryland State Grange.

No need for guns to protect your toilet paper

Reports from around the country have shown people lining up to buy guns and ammunition. I have not noticed lines in Carroll County, but in a place where the volunteer fire department raffles off firearms -- on the apparent thesis that guns are a useful household appliance like brooms or popcorn poppers -- we can be sure our neighbors also are stocking up.

Think about it. Some of your neighbors are preparing to shoot their neighbors (it might be you) in defense of their hoards of toilet paper. This is evil.

I believe that hardly anyone will get shot, but only because the other half of the situation will not transpire: There will be no Mongolian Toilet Paper Hordes attacking homes in Carroll County. We can anticipate on a few “accidents” when children find these weapons.


Harry Eagar


Thankful for act of kindness in store

Recently while shopping at a local grocery store in Westminster, a very teary-eyed young lady approached my husband and thrust something into his hand. She quickly rushed away while softly saying, “Thank you for your service.”

In his hand was a gift card for the groceries from that store. We looke for her but she had left.

We want to thank her for that unexpected act of kindness and appreciation. In times of crisis, people always show their compassionate side.

Mr. and Mrs. John Price


Letter writers wrong about Trump

Letter writers David Iacono and Harvey Rabinowitz write fake news [about President Trump] and they also can’t see the forest for all the trees. I don’t know why they don’t write something and tell us maybe something good that Joe Biden has done. If they would try to do that they could do it in less than one sentence.

Herb Pletcher


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