Trump didn’t give up his businesses, is no patriot

Recently there have been several responses from local conservatives, addressing questions posed in an op/ed piece by Dr. Henry Reiff titled “Questions for Christian conservatives about Trump, the man.” Most respondents danced around the basic premise by outlining various actions or beliefs of Trump’s that in their minds demonstrate he’s not so bad after all. They are able to ignore Trump's many lies, transgressions and potentially criminal actions, as long as they are getting what they want politically. In other words, to them, the ends really are all that matters, means and messenger be damned.

One writer opened his missive with the statement that Trump “is a patriot who gave up his business to campaign for the presidency.” Wow! We should all be aware that Trump never gave up his business. In fact, members of his family still run his vast interests, some of whom do double-duty in the White House — a flagrant conflict of interest that I’m not aware has ever been perpetrated. Lest we forget, Trump owns a hotel just down the street from his current residence in Washington, DC, one where foreign leaders and lobbyists stay just to curry favor with our commander-in-chief. The law is clear, no President may use his office to promote their personal business interests.


It is calling Trump a “patriot” that bothers me the most, but I’m not exactly sure why. Obviously, Trump does not play football for a certain team from New England. Seriously, that label has become almost as trite as “socialist” or RINO, yet it does seem to convey a certain set of attributes to some individuals. The dictionary defines patriot as “a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.” Trump’s policies and actions do not fit that definition. He dodged the draft as a young man, continues to defame real American patriots like the late John McCain, and conveniently ignores the one thing our intelligence community agrees on — that Russia indeed tried to influence our election in 2016.

No, I fear patriot has come to mean something else different. I fear it has become a dog whistle for some of our worst, deep-seated prejudices. I fear Trump has enabled and justifies a level of white nationalism and xenophobia that our country hasn’t witnessed in decades, and his form of “patriotism” is exactly what some of his most fervent supporters desire.

Don H. West


The author is chair of the Carroll County Democratic Central Committee.

Obama bureaucrats, politicians, media corrupt, not Trump

This is in response to Dean Minnich's [March 28 colomn] “Collusion versus corruption.” Minnich said “the real issue never was collusion,” it's corruption and President Trump isn't exonerated. Robert Mueller's superiors, Attorney General Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein stated there is not sufficient evidence to establish President Trump committed an obstruction-of-justice offense: that's exoneration. How could President Trump obstruct something that didn't happen?

Mueller had 19 Democrat attorneys, 40 FBI agents/professionals, issued 2,800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants, interview 500 witnesses, requested information from 13 foreign governments and found no evidence President Trump or anyone associated with his 2016 campaign colluded/conspired with Russia. The FBI investigated Trump from July 2016 to May 2017, then the House and Senate Intelligence Committees investigated Trump, and all four found no evidence of collusion. There never was any evidence. In America no investigation should be started without a crime and evidence of that crime. This was a Banana Republic witch hunt.

This Russian hoax started under Obama's administration. Obama's biased bureaucrats at the DOJ committed crimes, by abusing their power (statute 18U.S.C.242) for political purposes. The Democratic leadership, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, congressmen Adam Schiff, Jerrold Nadler, Maxine Waters, etc., lied when they said they saw “evidence that Trump colluded with Russia.”

Minnich said “the news media must continue to shine the light on corruption.” Their light is a liberal torch: the news is supposed to inform, not influence you. For almost three years the so-called NBC journalist Lester Holt, Hallie Jackson and Chuck Todd said every day/night “Possible Russia Collusion.” The Washington Post and New York Times printed lies, misinformation and innuendos and the CNN and MSNBC hacks constantly accused President Trump of treason and being a Russian agent. They are fake news lackeys for the propaganda arm of the radical Democratic Party to deceive the American public.

This Unholy Trinity — corrupt Obama bureaucrats, unscrupulous politicians and the complicit mainstream media — purposely lied to the American public for almost three years. They tried to influence the election for Hillary and when that failed they immediately attempted a coup d'etat, by starting an investigation, with no evidence, to destroy and overthrow the freely elected president of the United States. That's corruption!

Carl Burdette