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Letters: Trump’s lack of proactive response hurt America; Only ironclad provisions work with this administration; In support of Laura Morton for judge

Trump’s lack of proactive response hurt America

If you recall, former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called President Trump a (expletive) moron. His comment was predictive of what to expect from Trump in a national crisis like the coronavirus pandemic. The Trump administration knew of the virus in December/January and did nothing to plan for the upcoming pandemic. He opted to play golf in Florida and called the coronavirus crisis a Democrat hoax and an inconsequential problem that would resolve itself by April. The result? Millions of workers unemployed, 401(k) plans in the toilet, millions likely to be infected and hundreds of thousands likely to die all because Trump opted to take a reactive rather than a proactive approach.

Trump abolished the office, established by President Obama, designed to address global pandemics. This office could have been invaluable in mitigating the effects of the virus and reducing the impact on our nation. Instead, Trump failed to act when he had the time and continues to take questionable actions that will likely worsen the problem. Governors across the nation are screaming for critical assistance — except Florida, which gets everything it wants — and all they get from Trump is how great he is doing and how governors are overreacting and should appreciate what he is doing for them.


Trump could manage this problem on a national level by competently implementing the Defense Production Act on a wide variety of supplies and equipment needed by health care workers. This should have been done weeks or months ago as part of proactive planning. Effectively implementing this act would stabilize the cost of much-needed supplies and equipment. Now states have to compete with each other for this equipment at a much higher cost. Trump has passed the buck to the states and, like Pontius Pilate, has washed his hands of any accountability. An appropriate analogy for the Easter season.

If you agree with Trump's leadership in managing this crisis, then you may want to reassess your own mental and emotional status. How is “MAGA” working out for you?


David J Iacono


Only ironclad provisions work with this administration

One gets tired of some of your regular writers always blaming the Democrats for every evil that President Trump or Sen. McConnell creates. Let’s get the facts straight. Regarding Covid-19, at first Trump denied there was a problem and when he realized that there was one, he delayed doing anything about it. He promised test kits, ventilators and PPE equipment, but what we got instead were refrigerator trucks for the dead.

Trump says we are at war and that he is a wartime president and “I alone can fix it.” A wartime president would council with his generals and come up with a comprehensive plan for victory, not everyone for himself, which is what Trump has done with the governors. If you want something you must show appreciation, is what he said to the governor of Michigan.

McConnell proposed a corporate-focused rescue bill. Speaker Pelosi transformed this bill into a workers-first bill. Now Trump says he’ll override a provision requiring the inspector general to report to congress requests for funds. Also, Trump will treat as optional a provision requiring that Congress be consulted about the staffing of the new Pandemic Response Accountability committee. There is a lesson that should have been learned long ago. Any legal provision that requires a good faith effort to provide honest efforts to implement, and not an ironclad requirement, will not work with this administration.

Harvey Rabinowitz


In support of Laura Morton for judge

I work for the Board of Education in Carroll County overseeing the International Office under Performance, Equity and Accountability.


I am writing to you to express my support for Laura Morton for Circuit Court judge.

I have known Laura Morton personally and professionally for many years. She is someone who is very dedicated to her profession and her community. She has always been willing to assist anyone. Laura has helped Carroll County Public Schools by providing free legal services to those in need, mentoring students, and putting together programs to teach parents about how to access the legal system. I know anytime I call her for help, she is always there. 

This dedication is what will make her an excellent Circuit Court judge and I urge all citizens to vote for Laura Morton. It is with great enthusiasm that I extend my support for Laura Morton as Circuit Court judge in Carroll County.

Patty Burns

Mount Airy