Letters: Trump more concerned about market than coronavirus itself; More important than ever to complete the census; Kudos to Westminster mayor, council

Trump more concerned about market than coronavirus itself

Concerns about the coronavirus escalated fast. We were going about our normal lives, and now, COVID-19 has led to the closings of schools, businesses, and sporting events across the United States. It is nothing the world has experienced before. The only event remotely similar was the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918, but during that time, we did not have commercial airliners, a multitude of cruise ships, and the like, making the spread significantly slower.

Gov. Hogan addressed the pandemic quickly, closing all schools and banning gatherings. We’re lucky to have a proactive governor. Other states are suffering due to the lack of a proactive federal or state government. .


Every other country used a coronavirus test developed by the Germans. However, President Trump and the U.S. government decided to make their own test through the CDC, which initially failed. If the U.S. had simply accepted the German test, the virus would not be spreading so fast. The biggest threat is that many younger people who have the virus exhibit symptoms so minor they don’t believe they have it and don’t get tested. Trump’s philosophy that only those with severe symptoms or risk should be tested is flawed, because many are likely spreading it to those in high-risk groups and don’t even know it.

According to recent statistics from mid March, South Korea was testing as many people per day as the United States had tested overall. Trump was concerned if the numbers of people who have coronavirus go up, the stock market would crash and his reelection would be threatened.


Maryland has more resources than other states to contain this virus. We have more hospital capacity than most states. However, the lack of decisive action by our federal government has placed immense responsibility into local hands. Hogan’s lieutenant governor is basically doing Hogan’s job because Hogan is investing so much time addressing the coronavirus.

If our president does not have the ability to think on his feet in difficult situations, he needs to develop it, fast. The U.S. has a worse situation regarding coronavirus than many less-fortunate countries because of Trump’s inability to set his priorities straight. On Feb. 27, Trump literally said, ”The risk to the American people remains very low.”

Trump seems more concerned about the stock market than the virus itself. His inaction could cause our loved ones, especially our grandparents, to get the virus and die, which would not have happened if Trump had begun testing as soon as the German test was developed. We need a president who values our lives over our stock market. We need to advocate for our needs in the next election, and vote in a president who cares about us, opposed to money and selfish interests.

Jacquelyn Slade


More important than ever to complete the census

Understandably, with the current COVID 19 dominating the news and everyone’s thoughts, the census is being pushed to the back burner. Our hope, is that while you are working remotely, or have a few moments when you are not dealing with the crisis of the day, you take a few minutes and complete the census.

Although this is an unprecedented situation, our guess is that information from the previous census is being used to appropriate vital resources. Everyone is worried about their health, their job, public safety, and our communities’ capacity to care for people that get sick, now think about the $18,500 over 10 years that we won’t receive if you don’t complete the census. An $18,500 return for 10 minutes of your time seems like a great investment. Go to my2020census.gov now.

Laura Russell, Census Coordinator

Lynda Eisenberg, Director of Planning

Don Rowe, Chair, Complete Count Committee

Kudos to Westminster mayor, council

I would like to thank Westminster Mayor Joe Dominick for his tireless work to keep our city safe during this time. I think he got one night’s sleep in a week. City Councilman Kevin Dayhoff and Councilwoman Ann Thomas Gilbert have kept us up to date on Facebook and are important decision makers. I know City Council President Gregory Pecoraro and councilmen Ben Yingling and Tony Chiavacci and the others have been included in important meetings and hard decisions to keep the City of Westminster running.

Although we may not always agree with every decision they make, they are our friends and neighbors and spend untold hours all year to make our city great. Thank them. Next time there is an election, make your vote count. These folks are important to our lives.


Lyndi McNulty


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