Letters: Trump’s accomplishments can’t be canceled; Thanks to Westminster jewelry store | COMMENTARY

Trump’s accomplishments can’t be canceled

As Democrats attempt to cancel President Trump’s accomplishments, there are some things that cannot be erased. The Border Wall construction had an immediate impact on illegal entry into our country! Trump controlled our border.

His greatest achievement was Operation Warp Speed! Under his leadership, not one, but two COVID-19 vaccines were approved in less than 10 months, potentially saving millions of lives around the world!


He exposed the corruption within our federal Government, unmasking their manipulative tactics. Once-honored Institutions now suspect; the FBI, DOJ, Congress, and the media having revealed their true colors, and they’re not red, white and blue!

American citizen, presidential candidate and President Trump was spied on illegally, then admittedly, they used a dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton to help impeach a president! Trump was acquitted.


His presidency will forever be tainted by the events on Jan. 6, not because he incited insurrection, because It happened under his watch. Again he faced Impeachment by an out of control, unreliable Congress that rejects, “innocent until proven guilty!” Again, he was acquitted!

The world will remember his America First agenda, for his insistence on fairness and respect toward America. Americans will remember too, as they slowly see their rights and freedoms diminished.

Trump, restored our military to greatness, and introduced Space Force to provide critical security for our nation going forward, especially regarding the power grid. Unless that grid has already been compromised by using foreign components.

Trump made America energy independent and the No. 1 exporter in the world of natural gas.  We enjoyed low fuel prices because we were no longer dependent on those who daily chant, “Death to America”!

Ric Grenel, our country’s first openly gay Cabinet Member headed a global effort to decriminalize homosexuality in 70+ countries under Trump!

Other legislation signed into Law by Trump:  the FOSTA Bill, targeting online sex trafficking; the Right to Try Bill, for the terminally ill; the FAM Act, requiring larger airports provide spaces for breast-feeding mothers; the Save our Seas Act, supporting cleaning our oceans; the Federal Animal Cruelty Bill; and the Maternal Deaths Act, seeking solutions for high mortality rates in Black people. Historically Black colleges and universities benefited, too, with $250 million a year, permanently!

So, you see,  Trump can never be totally cancelled!

Diane Stuller, New Windsor


Thanks to Westminster jewelry store

On April 1, going to drive to Ocean City. I was there last year to see the sunrise on the first anniversary of my wife’s death.

Last year, as I watched the sun come up over the beach, I remembered Barbara, my wife of 57 years. I cried. Got in my car and drove back to Westminster.

I went to Pomeroy’s Jewelry store on Main Street and asked them to cut off my wedding ring. It took about 20 minutes and my finger was a bit swollen when they finished.

They suggested that I come back in a week or two and they would have the ring put back together and they could resize it because by then the swelling would be gone.

I explained that I would be putting the ring with my wife’s ashes, not back on my finger.

“Come back this afternoon. We’ll have it for you.”


The owner would not let me pay her when she handed me the beautifully restored ring. “I wish I could do something for you,” she said. I told her that she already had. And we both cried.

This year I’ll probably cry again as I stand on the beach in Ocean City. Most of those tears will be for my wife, but a few of them will be for the kind owner of Pomeroy’s Jewelry Store.

Richard Krebs, Westminster