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Letters: A conservative Christian responds, looking ahead to 2020 and a Republican resolution

Conservative Christians misrepresented in opinion piece

I feel I must respond to Henry Reiff’s opinion piece (“Questions for Christian conservatives about Trump”) to rebut the myriad falsehoods, distortions, fabrications, and downright tall tales put forth. It begins by assuming those of us who identify as white, conservative Christian Trump supporters are somewhat unworthy. It says you have no intention of criticizing our political beliefs, but proceeds to make a list of aberrations assigned to all conservatives. Seems a bit hypocritical.

According to Mr. Reiff, being anti-infanticide and wanting to ensure a lawful and reasonable immigration system are both somehow antithetical to being a good Christian. Why would anyone agree that post-birth abortion is anything but abhorrent? And what about the diseases being brought in to the US by illegal immigrants? A quick perusal of CDC news shows acute flaccid myelitis, TB, influenza B, and many other diseases that have increased in manifestation since the onslaught of illegal aliens across the southern border. These are facts, not mere supplication.


Lets look at some of the piece’s “exaggerations.” It says we believe most Muslims are terrorists, we deny science and characterize global climate change as a hoax, we trust more in Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un than our own government, and we get our talking points from Alex Jones and David Duke. Really? Is that what they’re saying on CNN these days? I can unequivocally say that only a few Muslims are terrorists, I wholeheartedly believe in natural climate change (not man made), I don’t trust any other governmental official over my own, and Alex Jones and David Duke do not speak for me. Actually, I understand Duke endorsed Ilhan Omar, so that takes him off my Christmas list.

Regarding President Trump, I did not vote for him because he was supposed to be a choir boy. I don’t care what he might or might not have said years ago. I don’t care what he thinks of McCain. I don’t care what he tweets about. All that is inconsequential. What I do care about, and the reason he was elected, is because he was the best choice to lead America. Per your piece, he has been successful in leading our country to record unemployment and record economic prosperity. This in itself is something no other president in recent memory has achieved. He is also trying to defend America by strengthening the military and our borders. I am not ashamed to back him 100 percent. I am not ashamed for wanting the best for America. I am not ashamed to support you for your right to say what you want no matter how much I disagree. I am not ashamed to support our police officers. I am not ashamed to say I see all of us as people with no division of color, race, or political affiliation.


Sir, my Christian values teach me not to judge those whom I disagree with, only to pray for. I suggest you do the same.

John Cullom


Talk is cheap, future at stake in 2020 elections

Regarding the 2020 elections, I shared my thoughts recently with a couple of my good friends. I'd like to share them on this op-ed page of our local news source, The Carroll County Times.

Americans face local, state, national and international crisis. We must begin first to tackle these challenges locally in our own neighborhoods by coming together and working together. In America the seat at the top is not to be reserved for the privileged or the powerful. It must be earned one vote at a time coming from each of us. Talk is cheap. Sacrifice is necessary. Effective local leadership, education, organizing and action are paramount.

It won't be easy when so much is at stake. Tomorrow is a freight train relentlessly thundering toward us at top speed, but opportunity demands that we all begin today. So let's all join in, find common ground and go for the best by giving our best for us, our families and the future of our America and our planet.

John D. Witiak

Union Bridge


Resolution adopted by county’s Republican Central Committee

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At our February meeting, the Carroll County Republican Central Committee overwhelmingly voted in to adopt the following resolution: “We assert the sanctity of human life and affirm that the unborn child has a fundamental right to life which cannot be infringed; and further assert preborn children are Human and worthy of Humane treatment.”

This resolution was brought to our Board by member, Katherine Adelaide, a strong pro-life advocate. Our resolution concurs with the RNC platform position on the value of human life.

Karen Leatherwood


The author is chair of the CCRCC.