Letters: Construction workers deserve better; Trump proving that he is no leader

Construction workers deserve better

In this time of confusion and a heightened awareness of those around us and the impact of distancing away from each other, a forgotten group of people are the construction workers.

Deeming all construction workers essential seems an uneducated choice. Most construction is stopped on remodeling jobs because inspections aren’t being made on houses that are owner occupied. This means that for people like my husband who is a plumber working in new homes being built — he can continue work as usual, which would be a good thing, except for the fact that all the jobs his company works on are in Wasington, D.C., Montgomery County and Northern VIrginia, where the most densely populated cases of COVID-19 are located.


Where the majority of people can go out and wash their hands immediately, most construction workers don’t have that choice. There are no sinks and soap on site and the hand sanitizers in the bathrooms have been stolen time and again. These men and women are working in these high risk areas, but aren’t even given the things they need in order to stay safe and clean. Then they come home to their sheltering families — which almost defeats the purpose of shelter in place, when now whatever he may get will most certainly be passed on to our four young children and myself.

Now I ask you, why doesn’t anyone care about preserving the health and safety of our construction workers? If a water main breaks, that is essential, working on a multi millionaire’s 10,000-square-foot brand new home is not essential. These are the kind of things we are forcing our construction workers to do in a time where deeming something essential should be assessed to a tee so as to minimize the amount of people out and about in our world and stop this thing from spreading.

If we know how contagious this virus is and we know that washing hands is absolutely key, why are we sending workers to work all day and have nothing available to wash their hands? Jobs should be required to provide hand sanitizer or hand washing stations to all workers and if they can’t then they should be shut down. Until we do that, this will continue to spread and more people will fall ill. And for all the jerks stealing hand sanitizer out of portable toilets, be careful, karma comes in the form of a cough now days.

Genevieve Acker

New Market

Trump proving that he is no leader

Many letters from Carroll County Times readers have lauded President Trump for all he has done for this country. Few of his accomplishments have resonated with me because I have found the accomplishments mostly negative. His performances at recent COVID-19 press conferences have particularly concerned me.

The president has several times mentioned that it’s the fault of past administrations that the U.S. has been woefully unprepared to deal with the novel coronavirus (which he still likes to call the “Chinese Virus”).  I’d like to say to the president that it was he, President Trump, who dissolved the National Security Council Pandemic Response Team. He did this in 2018, well into the second year of his presidency. Additionally, for more than a month earlier this year the president ignored intelligence briefings that warned about the current pandemic crisis.

A notable attribute of any leader is the ability to take responsibility for his or her actions. He originally denied that COVID-19 would cause problems in the U.S. despite intelligence briefings to the contrary. Unfortunately, this president and his public supporters consistently praise him for his leadership — leadership in this crisis situation — which is pitifully absent. And now this country is suffering the consequences of his apparent inability to take responsibility for his lack of early action.  His duplicity and cowardice is not laudatory, but deserves pity and compassion for his deeply flawed nature. He must take some responsibility and show the leadership that is currently falsely attributed to him. People are dying, Mr. President. Do you care?


Nick St. Amant