Letters: On balanced cartoons and the Clintons; the liberal agenda; the president's 'warped mind'

Clintons deserve criticism from balanced political cartoons

I want to congratulate the Times for showing more balance in their political cartoons. Some of the absolute hatred shown for Donald Trump which was shown day after day and actually began as soon as he was elected and no doubt began in Baltimore, was becoming somewhat unnerving.

The job of a newspaper is to disseminate legitimate news, not to join in the attempted destruction of one person or one group of people. The fourth estate seems to have forgotten this and it is disheartening. One of our most influential publications who used to have as a slogan “All The News That’s Fit To Print,” seems to have changed to a different slogan — “We’ve Got To Get Rid Of Trump.”


It’s also disheartening to see some of the responses to the more balanced approach of the Times in regard to political cartoons. In a word they are furious. They want our local publication to toe the liberal line and only the liberal line. The operative word now seems to be progressive since liberal doesn’t sell well anymore. But they’re fooling no one.

One letter writer was quite upset that the Times would have the audacity to criticize Bill and Hillary Clinton. If any pair deserves criticism it’s the Clintons — better known as Billary. I could belabor that point but I’m only allowed 400 words and we conservatives play by the rules, something the Clintons have never done.

Don Haines


Listen to ‘facts’ and liberal agenda self-destructs

I read with interest the op-ed by Rex Huppke printed in your paper on Saturday, March 10. The author used the absurd to illustrate his point, using exaggerated scenarios. I would like to explore this article and make two points.

First, what seems absurd today is the reality of tomorrow. I was born in the late-’40s and grew up in the ‘50s. Gay marriage at that time would have been an absurdity. Now it’s law. And for that matter the politically correct term “gay” meant something entirely different. And for that matter “politically correct” wasn’t even a term. This is just one illustration and I could fill this paper with others but I’m limited by a certain number of words.

My second point is, I doubt that this author ever really listened to Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson or Fox News. It is much easier to vilify these conservatives based on innuendo than to actually listen to what they have to say. For instance, with as many facts and investigations (not fake news or lies) against Hillary Clinton it is easier for us “deplorables” to make a determination between fact and fiction than those of you who listen to CNN and are only given a portion of the facts on which to make your judgment. Here again, I could fill this paper with other examples but space is limited.

If most people of reasonable intelligence would just look at all the facts this liberal agenda would probably self-destruct.

Chris Brighoff

New Windsor

What will this president propose next?

Having given his millionaire cronies totally unneeded tax breaks thereby greatly increasing the national debt, President Donald Trump now proposes to gut domestic programs which help the poorest and most vulnerable Americans. What will this warped mind propose next? I predict that Donald Trump will be in prison within five years.

James G. Hirtle