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Letters: School board must ‘walk the talk’; Spreaders of lies have no merit; Give Republicans same time Dems received | READER COMMENTARY

School board must ‘walk the talk’

Walk the talk. Practice what you say. Those words were meant for our Board of Education members. Though held in high regard, do they “see” all in the school settings? Emotions are intensifying as the pandemic continues. The pandemic — and I can quote statistics for most every facet of it, including the newer strains which affect children and the recent community outbreaks — is taking a toll on many. Many people, in all education job categories, are upset with the BOE and others who are insistent that schools reopen no matter the data, the opinions of experts and professionals, or the abilities to follow through on health safety protocols.

The board is combining cohorts to form one large group. Educators are told to social distance “as possible.” Our county is not even near being in the low transmission category, yet the health safety measures are being removed/reduced. The state does not even appear to advocate for the health welfare of children and adults in the education setting. Do those in charge not care of the risks … the recent outbreaks? Doubling class size, without doubling classroom space, begs for higher transmissions.


So, walk the talk. Let board meetings always be in-person with all participants welcome — and you distance yourselves “as possible.” And no, as the leaders, you do not get first dibs on the 6 feet. You allow that for the “guests,” as educators do for their cherished school “charges.” Manage when masks are removed for 10-minute water breaks or to sneeze.

For all who want cohorts combined, have you enrolled to daily substitute or volunteer? If social distancing is not necessary, show those whom you lead or whom you criticize. If you work remotely and are criticizing those who wish for satisfactory health safeguards to be in place, insist on returning to work. It will be good, right? So you do not need to worry about infecting loved ones at home.


Yes, I type for you to experience the lives of your loved ones and those in so-very-close proximity of your loved ones every day. I type not understanding why you want your loved ones not adequately social distancing during this pandemic. I type wondering what news you read or if you have not heard about numbers not ever just staying down because we refuse to daily help get the virus under control.

In truth, I do not want you to do it and be exposed. I want you to practice the health directives previously established to protect you and your loved ones. You cannot do that in the school setting as it is being mandated. Blessings.

Karen Hames

Mount Airy

Spreaders of lies have no merit

In an Op-Ed on Thursday, Feb. 25 the writer opines that two Democratic House members have written a letter to various media companies complaining about their biased news coverage. Never a mention of the 120 GOP house members that signed on to the effort to overturn a valid election. The writer claims that these “so called news outlets”, can be denied their freedom of speech. The news outlets written about are those that spread misinformation, lies and conspiracy theories that have zero merit.

Let me mention that there used to be in the news media a fairness doctrine which required the holders of broadcast licenses to present both sides of controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was honest, equitable, and balanced. This policy was eliminated in 1987 and the FCC removed the rule that implemented the policy in 2011. If this requirement still existed, those news outlets would not exist.

Harvey Rabinowitz



Give Republicans same time Dems received

In response to letter-writer Patricia Roop Hollinger and her question; “When will the Republicans get over the fact that Trump lost the election and that Joe Biden is now president?” I would remind her that the Democrats never got over Hillary Clinton losing the 2016 election.

Four years of wasted time and millions of dollars, FBI scandals and cover-ups, and further erosion of our country’s unity, only to see that Trump would receive more votes than any previous sitting president in our history. Democrats had four years, Republicans should be granted the same. I agree with M.K. Sprinkle’s column and would ask when will the media stop being fixated with Trump, and find something else to report? What has Biden done that benefits the average middle-class American?

Robert K. Jones