Letters: Cartoon perpetuated fake news about Clintons; Trump doesn't support military

Cartoon perpetuated fake news about Clintons

The inclusion of the political cartoon in the March 4 issue of the Carroll County Times shows poor judgment and is not the least bit funny.

It promotes conspiracy theories that the Clintons are guilty of murdering political enemies and insinuates that they would do it again if given the opportunity.


The death of Vince Foster was investigated five times and determined to be a suicide. No evidence was found to the contrary.

There is no reason to suspect the Clintons, or the Democratic National Committee, in the murder of Seth Rich. Fox News and Infowars have retracted their fake news stories regarding his murder.


Conspiracy theorists believe what they want to believe. Clinton haters want to paint the Clintons in the worst possible light and believe they are willing and able to have people murdered for political gain.

The Clintons have been investigated over and over, with no concrete evidence pointing to any crime, let alone murder. Hillary was investigated seven times on the Benghazi affair. If there was incriminating evidence to be found, Republicans would have found it.

Trump and his supporters love to chant “Lock her up!” at rallies. If there was enough evidence to convict her, she would be in jail now.

In the United States, we used to believe people were innocent until proven guilty. I guess that isn’t true any more. Now we get to judge, convict, and sentence someone just because we don’t like them.

Conspiracy theories will live on despite evidence disproving them. The Carroll County Times has no business perpetuating them.

Judy Hake

Union Bridge

Trump doesn’t support the military

As a Navy veteran that served during the Vietnam war, I was appalled to see Donald Trump hug the American flag at the CPAC conference. I was even more appalled to see the so-called conservative patriots cheer him on. If you recall, during the Vietnam war, Donald Trump received four college deferments and one medical deferment for heel spurs [that he allegedly did not have]. The military received a note from his physician on his [supposed] medical condition. What I can't figure out is why the military accepted this fake note and didn't call him in for a physical exam like every other person who served that didn't have a millionaire father. In addition, not a single family member, including his father, served in the armed forces. Wow! A real patriotic family.

It is also likely that Donald Trump and his family paid little or no federal and state taxes. This is probably one of the reasons Trump won't release his federal tax returns. He keeps on using the excuse that his taxes are being audited. It's been almost four years that his taxes have been audited. It seems the Democrats in the House and the state of New York will get to the bottom of his tax returns.

So Trump doesn't believe in military service for his family or himself. He and his family seem to not like paying taxes which, by the way, helps support our military. FDR said that taxes are the dues that Americans pay to live in a decent society. Trump believes that only the wealthy are entitled to live decent lives. His latest tax plan seems to support this position since most of the tax benefits go to the top 1 percent income bracket. How did your tax refund work out for you this year? You likely got less of a refund this year than last year.

The next time CPAC holds a conference, they should have a flag in the form of a $100 bill. Now that is a flag that Donald Trump can get his arms around.

David J Iacono



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