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Letters: On Democrats' political hypocrisy; reconstituting the Union Nations

Let’s talk about the real political hypocrisy

This is in response to Tom Zirpoli's recent column “Hypocrisy of Trump's forced emergency.” Zirpoli said Trump “turned down $25B for his wall last year.” Not true: Chuck Schumer was intimidated by the radical left of his party and withdrew the offer, saying he made the offer in the text of a negotiation.

Zirpoli said, “Trump plans to subvert the Constitution of the U.S.” There have been 58 national emergencies since 1976 and President Obama still has 10 current national emergencies concerning criminal organizations, cyber-activities, Somalia pirates and the Ukraine. But, Zirpoli forgot to list Obama's other ongoing national emergencies concerning the situations in Libya, Yemen, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Venezuela and Burundi. Obviously declaring a national emergency to protect other countries is not a problem. But when President Trump declares a National Emergency to protect the border of our sovereign nation, he will destroy the Constitution.


Zirpoli stated, “how about we declare gun violence in America an emergency, between 30,000 to 40,000 are killed each year from gun violence.” Drugs cause twice as many deaths (over 70,000) in America every year (more than the Vietnam war) with most drugs coming across the southern border. So, let's declare a national emergency on drugs and crime — and that's exactly what President Trump did.

Criminal gangs, murders and human traffickers also come across the southern border. Last year Border Patrol reported 17,000 criminal illegals (already convicted of a crime) were arrested trying to enter the U.S. DHS reported over 150,000 illegal aliens were arrested in just three months last summer and between June 2011 and January 2019 over 189,000 illegal aliens have been charged in Texas with 295,000 criminal offenses including homicides, sexual assaults, kidnapping, etc. The State Department estimates between 14,000 to 19,000 women (50 percent minors) are trafficked into the U.S. for sex each year. The Democrats don't care.


Congress authorized $48 billion to fund other countries’ problems, but won't authorize $5.7 billion to protect U.S. citizens. The sanctimonious Democratic women in white at the State of the Union address – Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand, etc. – that only stood up to applaud themselves, while the rest of the time they sat there like the statues on Easter Island, introduced legislation to prevent President Trump from using funds from the Army Corps of Engineers and DHS to construct a physical barrier on the Mexican border to protect us. How's that for hypocrisy?

Carl Burdette


Making a call for a reconstituted United Nations

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Putting the bottom line first, international leaders are failing to recognize and exploit the 70-plus years of nuclear stalemate as an opportunity for effecting that ages old dream of international peace and prosperity. This much-needed reality is no longer too grandiose, nor less achievable, than our accomplished missions to the moon and outer space. It “only” needs world recognition, will and leadership for fruition.

Fortuitously, already given the United Nations’ framework and mission to resolve international conflicts and protect human rights; and given unprecedented, pervasive worldwide electronic communications, we have the essential means of effecting such governance. With concerted debate in the U.N., we should be able to devise a multi-national system that fairly and reasonably embraces the diversity of cultures and races, protects and fairly distributes the Earth’s resources, optimizes individual and national freedoms that respect one-another’s rights; and so, internationally enforces the laws for fairness and peace. The legitimate demands for freedom would likely be self-restrained, as it has historically by the process of civilization, education and reason.

In the meantime, with an eye on this advance in civilization, surely the U.S. should now be rejecting the neo-conservative throwback to U.S. military and economic growth “domination” that underlies our “hot and cold war” policies against Syria, Iran, Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Cuba, and now Venezuela — and wherever else its counter-productive destruction exists. It’s out of date.

In this spirit, and risking some good friends, I also submit that our country must end the long, undebated “special status” accorded Israel, whose Likud and Orthodox Mideast foreign policy has with lucrative lobbying been concomitantly adopted as our own. It betrays our democracy that 2008 presidential candidate Obama found it necessary to follow candidate Hillary Clinton in pledging, in front of AIPAC’s menorah, our unconditional defense of Israel. Likewise, our country irresponsibly parroted Netanyahu’s “red line” and call that “Assad must go.” The list goes on, giving rise to ISIS and destabilizing refugee migration into the Balkans and Europe. And not least, the continued 50-plus years of shameful Israeli land-grab and demise of UN resolution 242-mandated Palestinian human right to statehood, the tinderbox of Mideast instability and 9/11.

A reconstituted United Nations with compassion and due enforcement could have mediated and resolved this litany of human disasters.


Fred W. Stephens