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Letters: Teachers want to be back at school, safely; Columnist not really an independent; Wants to thank honest shopper; Appreciates BGE’s efficient response | READER COMMENTARY

Teachers want to be back at school, safely

I remember when COVID-19 first shut down schools last year. There were many posts on social media about parents realizing all teachers do for their children. People talked about the recognition, gifts, salary, and endless thanks teachers deserve. Parents trying to manage school activities for their children were suddenly filled with appreciation for the teachers who do this every day with 20-30 students at a time. I remember hearing this would be a positive outcome of the pandemic. I remember not believing it would last. Unfortunately, I was right.

Don’t  get me wrong. Many of the parents of my students have been extremely supportive, helpful, and understanding, and I appreciate them. But, as far as the general public goes, it seems the tide has turned.


Lately we see teachers portrayed as lazy and selfish. Some would have you believe that teachers aren’t working at all, and expect to receive a paycheck to stay home and do nothing. Some accuse teachers of trying to keep the school buildings closed and keep students from learning. Of course that isn’t the case. Teachers have been working all along, and want students back in classrooms. I don’t know one teacher who doesn’t want things at school to be back to “normal.”  We want to be back at school, safely, with all of our students.

Every year, teachers are reminded that we are responsible for the safety of our students when they are with us. We are trained in emergency drills, administering EpiPens, and responding to active shooters. We are told that our decisions in the moment may determine whether students survive an emergency situation. We take that responsibility seriously, as I’m sure you would want us to for your children. We are still trying to live up to that responsibility.


Teachers have not been asking to keep students out of school. We have been asking for the school system to follow the recommended safety protocols. I think it is reasonable to expect your workplace, and your child’s school, to comply with state and federal recommendations regarding health and safety. That is what teachers have been asking for. Our schools are open. We want them to remain safe places for students and school employees. I want the community to know that we want to go to work every day, knowing that it is a safe place to teach and for children to learn.

Karen Withers


Columnist not really an independent

This is my opinion piece on columnist Dean Minnich, so-called independent, but was formerly a Republican county commissioner for two terms. That was how he got elected, but when his term was up (a very nondescript term), he states he became an independent and was proud to be a RINO (Republican In Name Only).

Let’s be fair and honest about this and his political views. He is no more Republican or Independent than Nancy Pelosi. He is a hardcore Democrat but won’t say it aloud. An independent would see the good and bad in a presidency. Mr. Minnich sees no good in the best president we had since Reagan. He sees no bad in Biden, who is 30 days turned the country upside down.

Mr. Minnich claims to be an ex-newspaper reporter. That explains a lot, because I believe 93% of the press are extreme Democrats. The press even showed the Hollywood star [Kathy Griffin] holding the severed head of Trump in her hand.

There really is no more really free press. They choose who to print and what to print. This is my last letter and I hope the Times has the power of the press to print it.

Harry H. Griffith Sr.



Wants to thank honest shopper

On Tuesday, Feb. 23, I left my pocketbook in the cart. As soon as I realized it was missing, I returned to the store and a kind gentlman had turned it into the office.

He didn’t leave his name, so I hope he subscribes to your newspaper so I can properly thank him. Call me at 410-635-2679 telling me what store and the color of the purse for your reward. Thank you for your honesty.

Anna Mae Myers

New Windsor

Appreciates BGE’s efficient response

We would like to thank BGE for the quick response to our call of a power outage on Feb. 21 and to the two young men who restored the underground problem in the snow and very cold temperatures. Very efficient.


The Rineharts

New Windsor