Letters: CCEA president urges delegation to vote yes on ‘Blueprint’; A call for Gov. Hogan to usher in health care reforms

CCEA president urges delegation to vote yes on ‘Blueprint’

I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to our Board of Education, Board of County Commissioners and the District 5 delegation. There was 100% participation in our lobbying efforts! Thank you for taking the time to talk with Carroll educators about the issues that affect our daily lives, the funding and the legislation that could improve our quality of life and that of our students and families.

By virtue of your elected position you hold a special place of influence of funding locally and on the state level regarding the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future bill.


We urge our Carroll delegation to vote yes because Carroll County kids can’t wait, they are in need, and our Carroll educators are beginning to buckle under a workload crisis. It hasn’t pulled down student performance yet, but we can only tread water for so long while more and more weight is being piled on, in the form of increased paperwork, demands, and troubling student behavior.

Carroll students and families stand to gain a lot from additional monies from the state. In Carroll, we are edging toward a crisis point if staffing and other resources are not bolstered very, very soon. Our needs differ compared to 20 years ago due to changes in society, family structure and other outlying issues in today’s world. We cannot wait until our scores start crumbling to act, and we cannot allow fears about what some other county might be getting or not out of the bill to stop us from getting the state funds we so badly need.


Thank you for your consideration of families’ needs. Yes, this bill requires funding, and yes, our kids’ futures are worth it! Our kids can’t wait!

Teresa B. McCulloh


The writer is the president of the Carroll County Education Association.

A call for Gov. Hogan to usher in health care reforms

People often turn to hospitals in a time of need, and no one should have to worry about financial hardship as a result of seeking the care they need at a hospital.

Across the country, consumers are being targeted by hospitals with lawsuits and other predatory actions when hospitals have the option pursue more consumer-friendly options first. All this comes at a time when Americans are increasingly anxious about the costs of hospital care. According to recent Ipsos-CQC research, 91% of patients are concerned about receiving surprise bills from hospitals and 65% say it’s difficult to understand the cost of care at a hospital, including finding out how much a hospital charges for a specific type of care.

Because hospitals and the groups that represent them have largely failed to adequately address these practices, Consumers for Quality Care (CQC) recently sent a letter to the National Governors Association (NGA) urging governors to take action and protect their constituents.

As patients continue to struggle financially due to these toxic practices, Gov. Hogan has an opportunity to stand up for the people of Maryland by implementing reforms that cut consumer costs and increase transparency in the health care system.

Jim Manley


The writer is a board member of Consumers for Quality Care.

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