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Letters: Collusion obsession also threatened democracy; Senate Republicans failed, picked Trump over country | READER COMMENTARY

Collusion obsession also threatened democracy

This is in response to Tom Zirpoli’s Feb. 3 column “You can’t defend the indefensible.” Zirpoli writes he doesn’t have urgency about people losing their accounts for spewing lies and Facebook and Twitter banning Trump “is the preservation of our Democracy.”

Where was his concern for the preservation of our Democracy during the four years spent on Trump’s collusion with Russia, that I consider a hoax? Democrats Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Obama’s bureaucrats, etc., constantly claimed they had evidence/facts of Russia collusion. They didn’t. Zirpoli wants to make Big Tech the Ministry-of-Truth, which, to me, is censorship, exactly like Nazi Germany.


President Trump was investigated by the House Permanent Select Intelligence Committee, Senate Intelligence Committee, FBI Crossfire Hurricane, Director of National Intelligence’s (ICA) Intelligence Community Assessment report, DOJ/IG Michael Horowitz and Special Counsel Robert Muller. None of these established that President Trump, or anyone associated with his campaign conspired/coordinated with Russia and he was acquitted at his impeachment trial.

To justify his $40 million inquisition, Muller indicted the following, but not for Russia Collusion: George Papadopoulos (14 days) lying to the FBI; Paul Manafort (7 years) and Rick Gates, tax/bank fraud and Ukraine money laundering; Richard Pinedo, identify fraud, Dutch attorney Alex van der Zwaan (30 days) lying, Roger Stone (left campaign 2015), witness tampering and false statements; Michael Cohen, lying to Congress; numerous Russian nationals/GRU officers for bank fraud and identify theft.


The DOJ/IG Horowitz report showed Hillary Clinton and the DNC financed the salacious Steele Dossier to start the Russia collusion story. Steele admitted he created the dossier to help Clinton win. Steele also admitted (British court) to leaking to multiple media sources and lying to the FBI. Clinton was protected by FBI, CIA, national intelligence personnel who knew the truth, but lied, hoping the witch-hunt would destroy Trump.

Democrats still believe this to justify their vote for Joe Biden, because they can’t explain how Biden’s welcome-to-America executive orders, stop the border-wall construction (safety), stop deporting illegals criminals (functionally abolished ICE), stop the Keystone pipeline (lost jobs), reinstated catch-and-release (open boarders), etc., helps America.

Carl Burdette


Senate Republicans failed, picked Trump over country

“I pledge allegiance to the flag” (not just to the flag but) “to the republic for which it stands.”

It is clear to me this career politician form of government makes those powerful words empty. In the case of the Republicans they have substituted the MAGA flag for the one with stars and stripes and they have substituted Donald Trump for this once-great republic. I have no doubt had the shoe been on the other foot many of the Democrats would have voted not to impeach for political reasons also. This cold war that has persisted between these two parties for centuries turned into a hot war on Jan. 6.

By failing to impeach in the most impeachable situation that has ever existed in our great countries history the U.S. Senate failed to end this hot war as fast as it started. The bevy of supporters of the coup clearly want this hot war to happen again and again. Can we look forward to the Battle of Michigan, the Battle of Pennsylvania, and the Battle of Georgia in future history books? Since Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio consulted with the attorneys representing the Trump side indicating they didn’t want to weigh all the evidence before casting their decision as they took an oath to do, I will add the Battle of Texas and The Battle of Florida to this list. Is this lunatic fringe cultist army going to attack every state that fails to bowl to their desire to force the will of the minority onto the majority?

I dread to think of other insurrections that have led to huge open trenches where those captured are forced into large open trenches and murdered in cold blood. Can we look forward to that? I certainly hope not. We need to put a stop to this right now. I seldom agree with Sen. McConnell but I fully believe we have to try Donald Trump in a court of law for the crimes he has committed. Anything less is a tacit approval of what he has done!


Steven Davidson

New Windsor

Columnist uses art of deflection

Ah, yes, M.K. Sprinkle, in your Saturday, Feb. 13 column (”Pistols, canes and Bowie knives...”) you, too, and unfortunately again, decided to continue the current conservative practice of the art of deflection in the face of having realized, I suppose, that you have no other way to go about facing the fact that you supported Trump, who would not attempt to even save his own vice president from the hangman’s noose and instead would rather gloat over the deadly violence that ensued before his own eyes on the oversized television screen in the Oval Office, while aides pleaded for him to call in the National Guard.

John D. Witiak

Union Bridge