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Letters: ‘Us vs. them’ attitude weakens America; Support for Hoff for Westminster council | READER COMMENTARY

‘Us vs. them’ attitude weakens America

For months after the election, Trump 2020 signs continued to decorate yards and roadways across the county. I assume that people displaying these signs believed that the election had been stolen and that Trump was the real winner.

The facts show that there was no stolen election or any massive fraud.  If there were, Trump’s lawyers had ample opportunity to present evidence before more than 50 courts, and they could not. The suits they filed were dismissed as being without foundation. To continue to believe in the “steal” after every state has certified its results, checked and rechecked the numbers, and counted every legal vote, is to believe in fairy tales or the lies of Donald Trump. Anyone who believes things that are not true will make bad decisions.


After the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, most people removed the signs, indicating their disapproval of the actions of the rioters.  Signs that remained indicate approval of the attack.

It is hard to believe that any rational person could support the actions we saw on Jan. 6.  The attackers clearly expressed their intention to harm or kill the vice president with chants of “Hang Mike Pence” as well as Democratic members of Congress, especially Nancy Pelosi. They tried to change the election results by force. Some of the rioters claimed to be patriots, but their actions showed them to be just the opposite.


Enough is enough. Fighting among ourselves only weakens America to the benefit of our enemies. China, Russia, and Iran are having a field day with the images of civil unrest in Washington, D.C. They cannot attack our great country from the outside, but they can peddle lies and discord to bring us down from the inside.  If we work together, we can accomplish anything, but if we fight among ourselves, our country will be irrevocably weakened.

Some writers in this paper still adhere to the “us vs. them” attitude. They are fond of calling others “leftist” and ascribing feelings of hatred to them, but they are the ones who show disrespect for others, not the people they disparage. If they were really conservative, they would express their ideas with civility and respect toward those with whom they disagree, attempting to persuade the reader with logic, well-researched facts, and eloquence. We really are “all in this together” and should respect each other.

Stephen McDaniel


Support for Hoff for Westminster council

I write in support of Dan Hoff for Westminster city council. I have served with Dan for seven years on the Carroll County Planning & Zoning Commission. I know personally from that experience he will be a tremendous asset to the City Council.

Dan is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. His announcement (if you haven’t read it, you should) reflects the values and independent thinking I have watched him consistently apply at the Planning & Zoning Commission. He has the refreshing characteristic of thinking for himself and speaking, without pretense, about what he believes is good and right in seeking to solve problems.

He is also transparent in expressing what drives his decisions. Dan has repeatedly displayed the ability to challenge his own assumptions, and the assumptions of others, in working through complex problems. He is an aggressive listener, open to persuasion if convinced someone provides him with a better argument. And, most rare in this day and age, he is able to engage in genuine debate without malice or incivility toward those with whom he argues. He wants to hear views contrary to his own — he seeks them out. I know this first-hand. Dan and I sometimes disagree on issues that come before our commission. He can be incredibly articulate and passionate in making his arguments, yet he treats fellow commission members, and members of the public, with respect when presented with contrary points of view, genuinely hearing them, and sometimes changing his view as a result of the debate. With Dan, the better argument for what is best for the community is what drives his decisions.

Finally, and most importantly to me, is my observation that Dan is a servant leader, willing to do what he thinks is right for the community over the long term. This is the community in which he grew up, is raising his family and which he has been given an opportunity to care for and make better. He lives and works in Westminster. He knows the issues facing the town and the surrounding community. He also knows and works with the other business and political leaders in the community. This knowledge and these relationships let him collaborate broadly to take good care of his community, a community he clearly loves.  Westminster will be better with Dan Hoff on the council.


Jeffrey A. Wothers