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Letters: Octogenarian still waiting for COVID vaccine; make Westminster a Bee City; more from readers | READER COMMENTARY

Octogenarian still waiting for vaccination

As an octogenarian who was led to believe he was one of the favored few when it came to being vaccinated against the dreaded COVID-19, I must take a stand for all elders. Including me and the love of my life, who are waiting patiently for the call from the powers that be to get back on the stick and do what is right for the old folks, before it is too late. We’ve surely asked for consideration but thus far have been totally ignored.

As someone who was born here, raised here, lives here and will someday become a part of it, I do believe my beloved and I are entitled to have our needs met. Give me the needle and thus a little more time before I meet my maker. My plot is paid for. My stone is even up. That doesn’t mean I am in a hurry.


Sometime back we did receive a call saying we were on the list for the health department. Must be a long list.

And so we wait, along with many others. But don’t think they’re going to shuffle us off to some nursing home. We know what happens there.


Don Haines


Making Westminster a Bee City will help harvests

Kevin Dayhoff’s column about the designation of Westminster as a Bee City USA Affiliate was a bright spot in that Sunday’s issue. Having a committee on the Common Council devoted to enhancing the environment to make it more hospitable for bees and other pollinators will help ensure successful harvests for years to come.

The Carroll County Beekeepers Association has always been helpful in educating the community. They’ve hosted a bee event for the Senior Inclusion Program, delighting the audience members who donned the beekeeper’s uniform and used the equipment. The beekeepers have responded to my occasional questions about bees through their website as well. From them I learned that plants like thyme and caraway with their tiny flowers are attractive to bees. I also learned that dandelions are beloved by bees and so, a couple of those beautiful plants are part of my landscape (although the seedheads are captured to prevent too much of a good thing).

The beekeepers also spread the word about solitary bees that don’t live in hives, rarely sting and even then the venom is weaker than the more aggressive honeybees. Solitary bees travel longer distances and pollinate more flowers than honeybees plus they’re easier and much less expensive to take care of. Through our library system as well as interlibrary loan, one can find books about bee houses as well as all of the details in helping the residents thrive.

I’m so glad that the Common Council has taken steps to help pollinators flourish, making Westminster and the county an even better place to bee (and butterfly and hummingbird…).

Dee Krasnansky



Representative silent on Swalwell reappointment

According to recent press releases, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has reappointed Congressman Eric Swalwell to the House Intelligence Committee, despite Swalwell’s previous close and continuing relationship with a known asset of the Chinese Communist Party.

This appointment is of great concern to me, as well as many current and former Intelligence Community employees residing in Maryland’s 8th Congressional District. It should also concern our representative, Democrat Jaime Raskin; however, repeated emails to his office on this matter have been met with the sound of chirping crickets.

I can only assume that Rep. Raskin does not share the same concern and is more interested in following Speaker Pelosi’s lead regarding more partisan initiatives. I hope that these same intelligence community workers living in the 8th District will remember Raskin’s silence in November 2022. I know I will.

Frederick Frevert