Letters: Democrats want to transform U.S.; English ordinance saves money; Why not welcome non-English speakers?

Dems want to transform U.S., not unite it

Big tech companies, the media, Hollywood, the permanent bureaucracy (deep state), China, cartels, Russia, European globalist, Arabs, Iranians, atheist, Democrats and other powerful forces are all fighting Trump with great zeal. Amazingly Trump is still winning! The ferocity of his opposition is matched only by the record of his accomplishments. He is keeping more promises than he made! A testament to how powerful the truth is and how well the founders set up our unique system in which the government serves the people and not the other way around.

Democrats created incomplete, totally partisan impeachment articles not based on a crime or anything the Constitution states is a reason for impeachment and now want the Senate to help make their case for impeachment. Dems claim they’re doing it to protect the Constitution and “our democracy.” The word democracy doesn’t appear in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. The framers loathed democracies as mob rule. Democrats are counting on a misinformed, misled populace like in most failing Dem-run communities to try and reverse the 2016 election. Hunter Biden made millions of dollars from Burisma. His dad, Joe Biden, bragged about threatening to cancel a billion dollars in U.S. aid unless a prosecutor looking into Burisma was fired. Who doesn’t think this is corrupt?


Do Democrat candidates believe they are going to unite the country by making laws protecting people that kill a baby after she is born? Or laws removing the unalienable guns rights of lawful Americans? Or eliminating borders and providing migrants free health care at taxpayer expense?

No, they see their opponents at huge Trump rallies and must know they are pushing constitutionally knowledgeable Americans away. Just like Obama didn’t unite the country but divided it, the Dems don’t want to unite the country but want to fundamentally transform it for their power. If elected in 2020, they will use all the force of the state, the corrupt media and big tech power crush opposition in perpetuity.

We will be like other corrupt countries where the chances of changing things at the ballot box are slim. If Dems want to unite the country, they should try acting happy about some of the good things that are undeniably happening due to Trump. Instead they impeach upon party lines and prove they are obsessed with politics and power. Trump shows that he cares for all Americans’ troubles, including our lightbulbs and dishwashers.

Myles Stanley


Official English avoids cost

Commissioner Dennis Frazier wants to repeal an ordinance that made English the official language of Carroll County government. Frazier called it a stain on the county and opined it did not result in savings. The commissioner is wrong on both counts.

The ordinance was drafted by then-Commissioner Haven Shoemaker and passed into law to avoid having Carroll County pay the cost of translating government documents into foreign languages. This is cost avoidance. Under the existing ordinance, a person or group who wants to have county documents translated into a foreign language must pay for the translation cost. If this Board of Commissioners were to rescind the official language ordinance, all translation cost would be borne by county taxpayers.

If you don’t want your tax dollars to pay for translations, please contact your commissioner and let him know your views. In addition, please attend the hearing when the date is announced and testify to keep Official English as the standard for Carroll County.

Bruce Holstein


Why not welcome non-English speakers?

What good reason do Chris Tomlinson and Haven Shoemaker offer for not graciously welcoming a new taxpaying neighbor who does not speak English and might mow your lawn or clean your hospital room, or paint your house, and needs to register their child to attend Carroll County Public Schools?

Then again, I guess Shoemaker might argue that the neighbor could hire a lawyer who could hire a translator by the hour and then all three could be driven by Tomlinson to the school board and the translator would translate to the lawyer and the lawyer would be there to ensure all the I’s were dotted and the T’s were crossed. Then when the paperwork was properly filled out and the child could attend school, Tomlinson could drive them all back to where he chauffeured them from.

My question for Tomlinson is, would you also charge your neighbor to fill up your tank, for your time and wear and tear on your vehicle?

John D. Witiak


Union Bridge