Letters: Keeping English-only in Carroll; Name-calling fuels division; Sarcastic endorsement of Democrats’ ideas

Club asks commissioners to keep English-only ordinance

The South Carroll Republican Club has voted unanimously to ask the county commissioners to defeat any attempt to repeal the English language ordinance and keep the English language ordinance as written.

First, English is the language of our country, our state and our county. English is the language that unites the people and is a significant part of the foundation of our culture and community in Carroll County.


Second, the county commissioners endorse the English language when they fund English classes for speakers of other languages in the public schools and Carroll Community College. These classes are not funded as part of a degree program or graduation requirement, but to assimilate into our political, economic and educational system.

Third, English is the language of business and government in Carroll County. English will be used at the public hearing to discuss the ordinance. English is used in business and legal documents in Carroll County so all parties have a common frame of reference. The people should be united and one aspect is to speak the same language.

For more information the county commissioners should consult the website US English.org.

The commissioner from the third district claims the English language ordinance is a “stain” on Carroll County. If true why was the “stain” allowed to exist since the election of 2014? Why was this “stain” not discussed in the election of 2018? What is the motivation to discuss this idea now?

The South Carroll Republican Club asks the commissioners, in the strongest possible terms, to keep the English language ordinance as is.

Scott Hollenbeck


Name-calling in letters to the editor fuels division

So many letters written to the editor of the CCT resort to asinine name-calling directed at those who think differently than the letter writer. If we could just get beyond the name calling, such as leftists, liberals, socialists and, heaven forbid if one has committed the sin of being a Democrat.

These names are used with the most possible disdain to indicate that anyone that may fit those descriptions do not have a right to a different opinion. If we just take the time to listen to “others,” we may discover they have ideas and opinions worth considering.

The name-calling may seem somewhat harmless, but in reality, it helps fuel the division we see in our country. Where have manners and kindness gone? As Rodney King said some years ago, “Can’t we all just get along.”

Shirley Unger


Sarcastic endorsement of Democrats’ ideas

Thank you David J. Iacono. Your letter to the editor (Jan. 5, “Why’d it take so long to see that Trump is immoral”) has given me a whole new outlook on our president.

Your great Democratic party has wonderful ideas for our great country. Who can’t like open borders (let them all in), aborting babies, mocking the police force, don’t jail criminals, Me-too, Hollywood stars and their rhetoric speech which is out of touch with American workers, a slate of candidates with is very alluring to the uninformed and the list could go on and on and on.


President Trump, while a champion of the average American, has only reduced taxes, reduced regulations which stifled business big and small, sticks up for the police and military, guards our borders, stands up to bullies (e.g. Iran, China, etc.) and is only interested in making America Great Again. Wow, what ideas!

You got me, Mr. Iacono, why should we not vote Democratic? Why would I vote?

Harry Griffith