Letters: Shame on half of Congress; Carroll County has no ‘stain'; Not learning English causes lumps in melting pot

Half of Congress breaking faith with our troops

Our armed forces have been courageously fighting for nearly 19 years in the "War against Terror.” They do so in the belief that their leaders, military and civilian, will have their back. I submit that belief has now been broken by half of our Congress.

Iranian Gen. Soleimani and various proxy groups he formed have been designated terrorists since 2007. As the leader of the Iranian Quds Force, he was responsible for attacking anyone designated a threat by Iranian leader Ayatollah Khamenei. Even though the U.S. did not declare war on Iran, Soleimani was ordered to conduct attacks against American forces and other interests in Iraq and elsewhere. Soleimani was an “enemy combatant” responsible for the deaths of over 600 U.S. soldiers and devastating injuries to countless others, not to mention the deaths of 1,500 Iranian political protesters in the past month or so and others in the region reportedly in the tens of thousands.


On Dec. 27, a Soleimani cell fired rockets at a military base killing an American and wounding U.S.-Iraqi soldiers. On Dec. 31 and Jan. 1, his proxies attacked the U.S. Embassy in Iraq. On Jan. 3, Soleimani traveled to Iraq for meetings with his battlefield commander(s) and was killed by U.S. Forces in a drone strike ordered by President Trump.

Half of Congress immediately condemned the president for lacking an “imminent” date for Soleimani’s next upcoming attack. Those criticizing the president claim that without knowing the next target and specific date, President Trump’s action is basically illegal. Would that half of Congress want to wait for another 600 of our soldiers to be killed and a date certain established before taking any action against this crazed killer?

This is political hypocrisy at it’s worse. Throughout the administrations of Bush, Obama and Trump, with the knowledge of Congress, the U.S. has employed “signature” drone strikes. These strikes involve armed drones flying around looking for “suspicious behavior” then firing on those so engaged. No one knows who these targeted individuals were, what they were planning or whether their actions were “imminent."

Has this half of Congress even investigated or questioned these attacks? The answer is, no. But, let President Trump take out a known terrorist/enemy threat to our troops and the entire region, whose last deadly action against the U.S. was just one week earlier, and the president becomes the enemy. Let’s get real here. What is important is the lives of our troops.

Robert D. Sheehy


If Carroll has a ‘stain’ why is everyone moving here?

Please explain to me that if Carroll County has such a stain on it because of the [English-only] ordinance, does that mean that all the new housing developments going on all over the county are or will be occupied by people who are either unaware of how uninviting Carroll County is or choose to move in anyway?

Since that Ordinance was passed I have never heard, read, or talked to anyone about how uninviting this county is until Commissioner Frazier’s comments were printed, and the other commissioners seem to agree with his opinion. I’m sure there are other pressing matters more important to focus on.


I get the latest leftist opinion that diversity is more important than assimilation, I just don’t agree with it.

Jeffrey T. Hoerl


Not learning English causes lumps in melting pot

I remember when I was a young boy my elder relatives that had survived the holocaust would speak Yiddish and when my brother and I would attempt to converse with them in Yiddish my parents would abruptly interrupt and say, “[Speak] English, we are Americans now and if we want to fit in here we have to speak the language of the country.”

They were correct. America is the great melting pot because people desiring a better life come here and adhere to the ways that have made this country great. Refusing to learn the language or encouraging people not to learn the language only causes lumps in the pot.

Steven Davidson


New Windsor