Letters: Amid worries of war, an idea for the draft; Antisemitic lies being spread locally; People, not climate, responsible for wildfires

Amid worries of war, an idea for the draft

I awoke [Wednesday] morning with a sense of dread, having gone to bed with the knowledge that we were again on the cusp of another war.

It seems that the US has been continually at war throughout the 70 years of my lifespan. At least two of these wars were started and prolonged over misleading reports from staff and “hawks.” Vietnam and the 2002 war in Iraq, which has spread throughout the Middle East, were frequently mishandled by the most Powerful nation on the planet. This after sacrificing the blood of our troops, an expense in the trillions, and the fatalities of hundreds of thousands of civilians. Now we are being invited to leave Iraq after US blood and sweat expended for years of trying to rebuild the country, train its troops and inject the doctrine of Democracy. Such should never be referred to as a “victory” of any sorts.


In so many words it appears to me that we have lost most of the wars fought in my lifetime and that all of those wars were preventable by the use of cooler heads, a dedication to peace and diplomacy.

My point is that I have opposed wars since I was of an age or reason and I continue to do so. Wars are largely created by elderly white men of wealth and corporations, yet it is the youth of every color in this country that are called upon to fight the enemies we’ve created. The current situation is a perfect example of this as our president is 73; yet having escaped any military experience. He is quick to engage his mouth before checking in with his brain; appearing to think he can run the country through his overuse of twitter, misinformation and outright lies, and staged performances.


Should the situation with Iran lead to war, I believe we should start a draft again, only this time begin with men and women age 40 to 70 who think war is the answer to the middle east complexities. Let those crying loudest for blood and bounty be the first ones on the front lines of battle for a change.

Meanwhile I just hope that we somehow fumble our way through the current mess we are largely responsible for. Intentional lies about weapons of mass destruction put US boots on the ground 18 years ago. We’ve yet to learn our lesson.

Cornelius Ridgely


Antisemitic lies being spread locally

Last Sunday I was at [a gas station] in Finksburg. Attached to a pump was this sticky note:

“At the height of American slavery, 78% of slaves owners were ethnic Jews. 40% of the Jewish population were slave owners, while only 0.35% of White Americans owned slaves.”

If you only know a little about slavery, you know these “facts” are not true. I felt I needed to share this with Carroll County. I find this so scary that there are people right here that think like this.

Linda Jewell


People, not climate, responsible for wildfires

Regarding the fires in Australia (Jan. 9 letter, "Wildfires show we must meet climate change head-on), two things you should know:

1. In Australia, as in California, it is illegal to clear the brush and trees from your homestead; and

2. They have arrested over 180 people for setting the fires.


Climate change?

Bob Corbin


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