Letters: Republicans are ‘Burning Down the House’; Prosecute Trump’s domestic terrorists; No courtesy title desired? None given COMMENTARY

Prosecute Trump’s domestic terrorists

January 6, 2021, another day that will live in infamy. Trump and Giuliani incited insurrection and sedition against the United States by his extreme loyalist thugs. They attacked the Capitol building destroying property, planting bombs and carrying weapons with the intent of overthrowing the United States government, the Constitution and the sovereignty of the American people.

So who are the major enemies of the United States? Is it Russia? Is it North Korea? Is it China? Is it the Communists or Socialists? Turns out that the most direct threat and enemy of American democracy is Donald Trump and his domestic terrorists.


These people must be brought to justice and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Any pardons that Trump may bestow on these enemies of democracy, including Trump, must be challenged by the Department of Justice and the courts.

David J Iacono



Republicans are ‘Burning Down the House’

While listening to a favorite oldie of mine by The Talking Heads a few days ago the lyrics made me think of the current state- of- affairs in the Republican Party. You may remember how it goes:

“Watch out, you might get what you’re after. ... Here’s your ticket pack your bags; Time for jumping overboard. Transportation isn’t here. Close enough but not too far; Maybe you know where you are. Fightin’ fire with fire. ...

“Burning down the house. "


From my casual viewpoint it appears that the Trumplicans have so shattered what used to be a solid Republican Party into bits and pieces that it will never be whole again. In so many words, they have burned down their own house.

I can only hope that the many disenfranchised Republicans of yore will now see the damage that’s been done to their own brand and either reform their ranks into a new third party or join others who never lost their respect for our democratic government and the ability to move the country forward by eliminating the blind partisanship that ignited the fire in their basement and bound the country into knots.

Cornelius Ridgely


No courtesy title desired? None given

OK, Blatchford (as in columnist Rick Blatchford), I have to tell you straight away. I like West Virgina. I know West Virginians. I like West Virginians. And I will refer respectfully to West Virginians who I don’t know well as Mr., Mrs., Ms, Reverend, Professor, Sargent, Captain, Officer, Sheriff, Judge, Mayor, Delegate, Senator, President, Vice President, Congresswoman, Congressman, and, yes, Dr., as in Dr. Jill Biden, who is from Delaware and remained active in her field as the wife of Vice President Joe Biden and will presumably remain active in her field as the wife of President Joe Biden.

So. Just for you I will make an exception. From this point on I will refer to you the way you seem to prefer to want to be addressed .... Blatchford.

Blatchford this. Blatchford that. There goes Blatchford again! I got it, ol’ boy! No title of respect for you.

You wrote about your wife in the column. Please, Mrs. Blatchford, don’t call Blatchford late for dinner. The poor guy needs all the tender loving care he can get.

Isn’t that right, Blatchford?

John D. Witiak

Union Bridge

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