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Letters: Lives more important than in-school instruction; Trump helped country, now we’re in trouble | READER COMMENTARY

Lives more important than in-school instruction

It’s the early hours — twilight — as I wonder who will experience this day. This day that is ours to care about and love others. Then, data and school “rulings” interrupt my calm space. My mind sees the sign, “OPEN THE DAMN SCHOOLS.” I think, yes, but what about staying healthily alive? Haven’t enough people died or are suffering long-term effects from this disease? How many more deaths will it take until we wake up and fight this pandemic together?

During Monday’s Board of Education meeting, experts shared their thoughts on CCPS returning to a hybrid instruction mode. Ed Singer stated the positivity rate of 8.5% is the highest it’s been since April and has previously suggested schools remain virtual. Garrett Hoover, our local hospital’s president, shared the difficulties the hospital and community have endured. With sound reasons, our superintendent, Steve Lockard, suggested waiting “a little bit longer” before returning to hybrid. After listening, the board chose to place education over lives and countless needless exposures. Their set metrics have not yet been met, yet schools open per their direction.


Education and social interaction are vital. Wanting to be in school is a wish we must meet with empathy.  Sometimes though, we need to make choices that aren’t met favorably with others of all ages because it is in the best interest for all. We must be the ones who stay strong knowing lives are not negotiable and lives surpass in-school instruction. We also need to deal with the issue as it stands now. As Singer stated, “... we’re at the worst point we’ve been in the pandemic.” Is our board of education/school community doing what needs accomplished to ensure COVID-19 is no longer a threat?

What is truly the most important? That is the bottom line. Will you argue that the most important is our lives – yours, your family, friends, strangers, even those we dislike – aren’t they the most important? Will you be strong in helping people live – and live with no lingering health issues from COVID19? Even if our children miss being in school and it impacts them, will you help them see living is a gift? Healthy living is even better. Will you help by allowing all of us to be socially distant to help rid the earth of this virus, starting now and not waiting for a trial vaccine to hopefully cure our woes? Will you start now with your actions to show the world, and your family, you want them to live not with fear but with knowing we are in this together? Yes, I know you will.


Karen Hames

Mount Airy

Trump helped country, now we’re in trouble

Reading the Opinion page, for awhile it just amazes me the remarks people have made about President Trump.

Columnist Tom (I hate Trump) Zirpoli has been bashing Trump for the past four years. All Trump did was improve the economy and got more off unemployment than ever. Others mention how he out kids in cages. News flash, Obama did that, not Trump. They also mention peaceful protesters. Since when are peaceful protesters burning churches or tearing down buildings and cities? The Affordable Care Act was a piece of work from the beginning. People who were forced to get it are now paying more and cannot use the same doctor. So where is that “affordable”?

Another gentleman mentions gerrymandering, who was better at it than our own Martin “O’Tax Me” O’Malley? Quite a few Democrats got into power as a result of it. GOP no longer has a shot in Maryland. On the stimulus issue, why does the Kennedy Center need $25 million and Pakistan needs another $15 million taxpayer money for sex identity study?

Over the past four years our economy has been great. Retirement plans and 401(k)′s have been going great. I see it in my own retirement program. By some surveys, more than 60% of the people say they are much better off under Trump. So how does a guy sitting in the basement get elected? He has has trouble with a TV screen. Plus he has a running mate so far left it isn’t funny. Get the books out and study about socialism because if the two left-swinging candidates in Georgia get elected we are all in trouble.

Pat Bussard