Letters: Carroll County Republican Central Committee followed its bylaws; What took Christians so long to realize Trump is immoral?

Carroll County Republican Central Committee followed its bylaws

As the Chairman of the Carroll County Republican Central Committee, I’m encouraged by the renewed interest being shown in our Committee. However, the Dec. 29 “Our View” editorial needs to be addressed. Nothing in our Committee bylaws (quoted below) required us to advertise, publish, or accept outside resumes for a vacancy:

“A vacancy shall exist upon the death, removal, or resignation of a member or upon the occurrence of any event provided for in §4-202 of the Election Law Article of the Maryland Code. The Chair shall immediately give notice to the other members of the Committee of a vacancy, and must schedule and hold meetings to begin filling said vacancy within 30 days. Any vacancy on the Committee shall be filled within ninety (90) days after the vacancy occurs by the remaining members of the Committee at a duly called meeting of the Committee. When the Committee considers the matter of filling a vacancy, nominations may be made by any member, and election shall be by a majority of the Committee. If a vacancy has not been filled within the ninety (90) day period commencing on the date of the vacancy, the vacancy may be filled by the Chair. A person elected to fill a vacancy shall serve for the remaining term of the member who created the vacancy.”


We have been working to update our bylaws as the prior committee made dangerous changes just prior to our swearing in. Once we delved into the process, we quickly realized our bylaws provided no guidance on having citizens apply, no vetting process outlined, and no detailed voting process. Slogging through this would have taken us much longer than the allocated 90-day period.

At my request our committee financials have been under audit by the State of Maryland Campaign and Candidacy Division since September 2019. While this stymied our ability to raise funds which is paramount to a Central Committee’s purpose of supporting and promoting candidates, it was a necessary step.


2020 is an extremely important year for us. We are planning our annual Legislative Breakfast and Lincoln-Reagan dinner as well as other events. I felt compelled to call two special meetings to discuss other options for replacing our resigning member, namely the possibility of appointing someone who was familiar with central committees and could hit the ground running and help get us move forward. Sadly, some members of our committee chose not to attend for their own reasons.

My goal as chair is to have a Committee that works together for the good of all Republicans in Carroll County.

David L. Brauning Jr.


The author is the chairman of the Carroll County Republican Central Committee.

What took Christians so long to realize Trump is immoral?

Recently, the magazine, “Christianity Today,” said that Donald Trump is “immoral” and should be removed from office. For many, this is no surprise. The surprise is why it took so long for evangelical Christians to reach that conclusion.

Even before Trump became president, he had affairs with a porn star and a Playboy playmate while his wife cared for his newborn son. He illegally covered up his sexual affairs in 2016 by paying off his playmates. In 2016, he disparaged a disabled journalist. He attacked Sen. John McCain for his military service. He attacked a gold star family at the Republican Convention. He disparages women. Trump attempted to coerce Ukraine into helping him in his 2020 campaign which is the basis for his impeachment. Most recently, he attacked the late congressman, John Dingell, who was a WWII veteran and served his country honorably.

On a personal level, he swindled students at Trump University and settled this scam for $25 million. He stole from his own charity, the Trump Foundation, for his personal benefit and was fined $2 million. In 2017, at Charlottesville, Virginia, he said neo-Nazis and white supremacists were fine people. His weekend golf trips have already cost taxpayers at least $120 million.

At the southern border, he separates families and puts children in cages without proper care. Several children have died as a result of this neglect. Trump thumbs his nose at the Constitution by refusing to honor his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution. [By some estimates he has told] over 13,000 documented lies since he took office. He fails to honor the separation of powers and obstructs Congress by not recognizing their oversight responsibilities.

It seems if Trump is “immoral,” supporters like “Moscow Mitch,” “Leningrad Lindsey,” and congressmen like Andy Harris are also immoral for supporting Trump. Do these people have an ounce of self-respect left? The Grand Old Party has become the Grand Old Puppets for Trump. It’s time for real patriots to stand with those who defend and protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Anything less is betrayal of our democracy and country.

David J. Iacono


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