Letters: Harris no vote ‘reprehensible;’ impeach Trump; cartoon unfair to Bill Clinton

What ‘no’ vote on 9/11 compensation bill says about Rep. Harris

On July 12, 2019, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 1327, which will extend funding for the September 11th Victims Compensation Fund of 2001 through 2092. The bill passed the House, 402-12.

Rep. Andy Harris, R-District 1, who represents a portion of Carroll County, voted against this bill. Carroll County Republicans (and especially members of the county GOP Central Committee), who so enjoy claiming the patriotic high ground on matters of defense and homeland security need to examine critically what this no vote says about this member of Congress as they consider who they want representing the county in the next general election.


Harris apparently was so moved by the testimony of victims like NYPD Detective Luis Alvarez, who died last month just 18 days after offering testimony about the debilitating effects from exposure to contaminants at Ground Zero, that he voted against sustaining compensation for others who are similarly suffering.

Andy Harris regularly touts his medical background when campaigning, in his Congressional rhetoric and on his official congressional biography. To him, I say: physician, heal thyself. Your “no” vote on this issue is reprehensible. The voters Andy Harris represents in Carroll County will have an opportunity to reflect on this shameful part of his record the next time his name appears on a primary or general election ballot. Then they — unlike Dr. Harris — can do the right thing.

Dean Horvath


A call for the impeachment, arrest of the president

Like all intelligent Americans, I roll my eyes when I hear the president yammering on about “fake news.” It’s disgraceful how he assaults the First Amendment and embraces lies as a political tool, but so far, much of the free press seems to be holding on. Nevertheless, it is important to demonstrate that freedom of speech is still the law of the land. One way to do that is to express our views — loudly and proudly — showing that truth cannot be stifled and that the opinions of Americans who truly adore this country and its founding principles cannot be ignored.

So this American patriot is expressing his firmly held convictions, confirmed by months of bitter experience: Donald Trump is a criminal. He is a traitor to the United States. He must be impeached, removed from office, arrested, and then thrown in jail, to await prosecution for his many crimes.

Paul Bendel-Simso


Political cartoon in Times linking Clinton to Epstein unfair

I think the political cartoon by Fuller that the Times ran on July 12 is misleading at best. It pictured former President Clinton as someone who was involved in the Jeffrey Epstein mess. We all know Clinton was a horn dog and used his power to have relationships, wanted and unwanted with younger women. It’s a stain on his character. However, I’ve heard or read of no credible accusation that he ever targeted under age girls as Epstein is credibly accused of doing.

Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones and the others accusing Clinton were not children, but were in their 20s or older. The same could be said about President Trump, also a friend of Epstein and someone who’s admitted to being a serial womanizer. So far, no girl under the age of consent has accused him, either. Maybe this will all change as more accusers come forward in the Epstein case. Unless and until that happens let’s not let our political leanings muddy the water and take the spotlight off the real monster, Jeffrey Epstein.

Frank Rammes