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Kennedy: Trump’s foreign policy decisions confounding 

Once again I am confounded by a decision made by President Trump. Unfortunately this is becoming an all too frequent situation. For the life of me, I can’t figure out in what direction he wants to take our national foreign policy.

Recently, he has declared that Jerusalem is being recognized as the rightful capital of Israel by this country and Trump plans to move our embassy there. Now I recognize that that City has been the traditional capital of Israel for many centuries and has been recognized as such by most of the world. However, the seat of the Israeli government is in Tel Aviv so moving the Embassy would make even the simplest diplomatic interactions more difficult.


Trump’s decision also appears to have a destabilizing effect in the region. Many of our traditional allies in Europe and Asia have expressed varying levels of displeasure with the move. Even the Arab nations with whom the U.S. has relatively friendly relations are now ticked off at us. The ones who hated us in the past now are really upset and that could lead to an increase in terrorism activities directed toward us.

Since Jerusalem is considered a holy city by the three major religions — Christianity, Judaism and Islam — and contains sacred sites for all three it should be declared and governed as a “World City” that is open to all pilgrims from around the world to visit and enjoy safely. It would be in the best interest of the Israelis and Arabs if such an agreement could be worked out. We can only hope.


On another front, our tweeter-in-chief seems to delight in poking a stick into the hornets’ nest that is North Korea. That regime is probably the most unstable on the globe, even more than ours, and yet the president continues to call Kim Jong-un unflattering names which has led to more frequent missile test launches of increasingly more advanced rockets capable of delivering a nuclear warhead somewhere in the continental U.S. The concept of mutually assured destruction doesn’t seem to enter the minds of either of the two egomaniacs or their toadies.

It would be better for all of us if somehow the rhetoric from both sides could be toned down and some real diplomatic discussions would take place. Again, we can only hope.

Due to my planned early Christmas trip to be with my daughter and grandson in Alabama as well as being with my son and daughter-in-law who are coming to Alabama from Michigan, this is being written several days before my usual deadline.

The special Alabama Senatorial election is taking place as I write this so any comments on the outcome will have to wait for the next go ‘round but I will have some firsthand knowledge when I return.