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Kennedy: Post-Thanksgiving ponderings on politicians, from Shoemaker to Biden to Trump | COMMENTARY

As I write this I’m still recovering from my gluttony at the (smaller than usual) Thanksgiving dinner which was held in my nephew’s huge garage, allowing for proper distancing and separation of familial groups. I was thankful that we could get together in relative safety. Being able to see and converse with other adults was a blessing. I hope all of you were able to enjoy the day as I did. My heart goes out to those who, for whatever reason, had an empty chair at their tables — especially those who fell victim of the insidious virus.

Why is it that Del. Haven Shoemaker has to snipe at Gov. Hogan for his attempts to keep as many Marylanders as possible from coming down with the coronavirus? Is he so anti-government that he feels put upon by any directive designed to keep us all as healthy as possible and to keep our hospitals from being over run by COVID-19 victims?


Hogan’s, to me, reasonable edicts on mask wearing and the restrictions on the numbers of patrons allowed in business establishments, seem to strike Shoemaker as “draconian.” The protocols are designed to keep everyone as safe as possible, even those who balk at any and every restriction.

Finally, the GSA has certified that the Biden transition team can at last get funding and access to national security and Corona virus task force information. What took so long to allow this process to begin remains a mystery, although the ongoing, and so far quite fruitless, efforts of Trump’s legal team would be a good guess. I figure that those “legal eagles” are now simply trying to cover their own butts as to not be fired for disloyalty, as the Donald is wont to do.


Biden has been filling out his team of proposed cabinet secretaries and advisers with a varied group of experienced and knowledgeable folks. Unlike Trump’s hirings such as a neurosurgeon as HUD secretary, an opponent of public education as head of the education department, and a radiologist to head the virus task force. All of these folks, and many of the others, were simply because they were high money donors to his campaign or bought in to his shtick.

Although several had served in posts under Obama, each of Biden’s picks has an understanding of how government is supposed to work in this country and those in the appropriate posts know how diplomacy works with our allies and adversaries alike. Also, unlike the Trump cabinets, Biden has to this point, and continues to, assemble a cadre that has a mix of women, people of color, and various ethnicities. This bodes well for showing the world that we, as Americans, are open to being inclusive in our national government and will deal with other countries with the same inclusiveness.

I heard an interesting theoretical idea recently. This theory states that Trump could resign, thereby allowing Pence to become president. Pence then would be in position to pardon Trump for the crimes for which he is being investigated in New York and by the Feds, thereby closing those investigations with no charges being brought before a grand jury or judge. Personally, I don’t think that Trump’s ego would allow him to relinquish the office until he is forced to, but you never know how his mind works, so it could be possible.

Last week Trump declared, in a news conference, that he would vacate the White House on Jan. 20 if Biden is declared the winner of the election by the Electoral College. I have wondered whether the secret service and the Marine guard would have to drag him out, kicking and screaming, so that the Bidens could move in.

Bill Kennedy writes from Taneytown. His column appears every other Monday. Email him at