Kennedy: Trump actions on Iran give little reason to trust in sound decision-making

This week I was going to comment on the trials and tribulations of traveling by air, but our president’s actions in the Middle East have taken over.

His penchant for flying by the seat of his pants, which he has often soiled, might have us on track to become involved in a war that, like the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan, would be unwinnable and seemingly never ending.


His ineptitude and complete lack of knowledge of — and total lack of interest in — how to properly and successfully conduct foreign policy, as he has shown from Day One of his administration, could now bear very bitter fruit. One has to wonder if this most recent incident was meant to be another distraction from the current impeachment situation.

A recent political cartoon, on this very page, showed Trump, holding a lit match, and considering two thoughts. One was “war time president”, the other thought was, “sounds stronger than impeached president.” Could this possibly be the case? With Trump, you never can be sure.

I’m sure that his so-called advisers, most of whom are sycophants given that he fires anyone with a rational thought that goes against his preconceived notions, agreed to the attack that killed General Qassem Soleimani. I’m sure they discounted the idea that retaliatory attacks on American forces in the region were possible and, as was proven, probable. With a terrorist network that has headquarters and leadership in Iran and tentacles across the globe, physical and cyber attacks on military and civilian targets should be expected wherever there is a U.S. presence.

Now, to be sure, Soleimani was not a supporter of the U.S. policy in the region and had, reportedly, masterminded attacks that killed American military personnel along with thousands of civilians in Iraw and Syria. He was also behind the development and deployment of explosive weapons that have killed and severely injured hundreds of our forces. His death will not be mourned in this part of the world. It might slow down some of the terroristic tactics that he inaugurated, but it won’t stop them completely, as there are others of his ilk who are ready and willing to take over.

Another point to consider is that this attack was done without the legally mandated advice and consent of Congress, as outlined in the War Powers Act. Congress was briefed on the operation, but only several days after the action was taken. This is just one more occasion where Trump has ignored his oath to protect and defend the Constitution. One has to wonder if this breach of protocol could lead to another article of impeachment.

Trump’s public explanations of the reason behind the operation were, as usual, phrased in middle-school speak, such as, “He did many very, very bad things.” As his term continues, I become more and more sure that he does not have the intellect to understand the ramifications of his often ill-used words or his actions. Unless it is written for him by a professional speech writer, his utterances often fall back to words and phrases that even a C-level high school student wouldn’t use in the classroom.

Having severely damaged our standing as the leader of the free world, what new paths of international “diplomacy” will the president lead us down next?

Bill Kennedy writes every other week from Taneytown. You may contact him at wlkennedyiii@verizon.net.