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Joseph Cesca: Welfare policy of Democrats harmful to Black communities | COMMENTARY

A recent interaction with an old acquaintance has given me pause to reevaluate a special class of person we live with in America. I challenged their view on racism in America, that it is not as severe as they claimed, and was immediately told I was stupid and called all the standard pejoratives (racist, misogynist, etc…) before being blocked from further discourse.

It was a vicious emotional outburst of hate; they were not interested in having a dialogue at all. I held similar views as this person for a number of years before coming to the conclusion that their assessment of racism in America was wildly off. In fact, it is contributing to a worse situation.


That certain people, overwhelmingly the communists in this country, cannot handle a challenge to their ideas without immediately resorting to narcissism and hate, is a bad sign for our country. These people, perhaps one-third or more of Democrats, have a deluded sense of moral superiority when it comes to race in America. This attitude prevents them from doing any actual good despite their iron self-conviction they are.

This type of Democrat is a self-anointed knight in the fight against racial injustice. Many have been bred this way or indoctrinated in the university and now the K-12 school system. Many of these Democrats do not really care about our Black citizens’ welfare, at least not in a serious way.


For many, caring is just adding another Facebook cover, wearing another T-shirt, and putting on another bumper sticker. This way they can show off how great they are without doing anything of substance. The welfare of our Black citizens is thus a fad to them. The more serious crusaders are just that – zealots in a fight against a phantom created by race instigators.

These Democrats do not believe that our Black citizens can be equals to whites. They believe that Black people need constant financial support from the government to achieve economic parity with whites. That this money comes overwhelmingly from whites is to say that Black people need white money to be equal.

This is the very same attitude of the great 19th-century racist Rudyard Kipling (author of “The White Man’s Burden”). Kipling believed that indigenous peoples needed the help of white Europeans to become “civilized” people. These Democrats might respond “it’s just to provide a helping start.” Sixty years of the same policy, however, has shown that it has made otherwise capable people dependent on the government and less well off.

Lastly, giving from the public coffers is like charity to these Democrats. They put money into the welfare pot and walk away feeling smug without knowing the impact of their contribution. Never mind the fact that being charitable with public funds is just theft. These Democrats get a self-aggrandizing high each time they add more money and more social programs to their name. They never think of the harmful effects of their actions, only their good intentions; follow-through be damned!

The relationship between our Black citizens and these mostly white Democrats is a one-way street. The white people get to feel morally superior and our Black citizens suffer the consequences of bad economic policy, which prevents so many from reaching the financial independence they need to be economically equal to whites. These Democrats have our Black citizens’ welfare squarely in their hands. They can either discontinue their faux crusade and lift their oppressive economic policy currently in place or go down in history as the oppressor, too smug to know otherwise.

Joseph Cesca writes from Westminster.