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Editorial: Military Legacy Scholarship an innovative win-win for McDaniel, aspiring students

We give our active-duty armed forces and our veterans plenty of platitudes. There are numerous thank-you’s, many of them even sincere. In a lot of cases that’s more than enough for them. But there are an incredible number of those we routinely refer to as heroes who could really use more than just some kind words.

That’s what makes a new scholarship being offered by McDaniel College so exciting. It certainly makes paying for a four-year college experience easier for those who serve, those who have served and their offspring.


On Sunday — Veterans Day, appropriately enough — McDaniel College announced a new Military Legacy Scholarship worth up to $100,000 over four years for all military veterans, active-duty military personnel and their children. Janelle Holmboe, vice president of enrollment management at McDaniel, said this scholarship is in recognition of service provided. McDaniel had already been recognized as a military-friendly school, she said, but there was a gap between students who were able to use the Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program and those who weren’t.

This scholarship is worth $25,000 per year — or $20,000 per year for commuter students — and is renewable for students who maintain continuous enrollment and “satisfactory academic progress,” according to a news release from the college. McDaniel also participates in the Post-9/11 GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon Program, which covers up to the cost of full tuition. Because of this, any veteran or child of a veteran who is not eligible for or has exhausted their Yellow Ribbon benefits can be considered for McDaniel’s new Military Legacy Scholarship. Holmboe said interested students would apply to McDaniel like any other potential student. With that, they would also submit an eligibility form.


“If they’re admitted to McDaniel they’ll automatically be awarded this scholarship,” she said.

That’s right. It’s not as if there’s only one of these scholarships available. All those admitted to the school who qualify get it. There is no limit and she said McDaniel wants to offer it to every student who qualifies using money out of the college’s institutional financial dollars. The scholarship is similar to that of the college’s Educator’s Legacy Scholarship, which was first created in 2015 and went into effect in 2016, for students who have a parent or guardian who works full time in K-12 education. In 2017, that scholarship was expanded to include 11 community colleges.

Shannon Robbins, a 2016 McDaniel College graduate who served active duty in the Army with deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan before joining the Army Reserve, told us she thinks this type of scholarship will be a tremendous benefit for veterans, military personnel and their children. And, she said, it’s rare to see a scholarship amount that high. “This is a really great option McDaniel now has to offer students,” she said. While the scholarship comes along too late for her to take advantage of, she said she has already talked about it with military friends who have children.

Holmboe said this scholarship will start in fall 2019, and students have until May 1 to apply. “We’re seeing a good deal of interest,” she said, later adding, “What we’re looking to do with these legacy scholarships to really acknowledge the members of our community who are contributing in ways that might now always get widely recognized.”

With the ever-evolving nature of higher education, these are heady times for colleges. They need to find new, innovative ways to make themselves attractive. This scholarship certainly qualifies. It’s a win for the college, which is going to get quite a few students from backgrounds it might not have without the scholarship, and a win for those who qualify, who will get a significant amount of money to put toward a college degree.

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