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Dean Minnich: Ignoring reality comes with a heavy price | COMMENTARY

I see a lot of people paying a big price for what they thought was a good buy on a truth they liked to hear, and now the time has come to pay the price for reality.

Topping the list of those in over their heads with truths that did not pan out are the politicians who have turned a blind eye on the “patriots” who stormed the Capitol a year ago. Many of the invaders were so sure they were doing The Donald’s work, and in some cases, God’s work, saving the country from child molesting, rights-grabbing, tax-spending liberals and immigrants. Perhaps they should be excused for their ignorance, because they were fed lies by people they trusted.


On that point, it has been said that no healing between Americans can take place as long as those who stick with the Big Lie feel insulted, as if they are being “looked down on.” I was taught early that if you didn’t want people to think you were stupid, do not do or say stupid things. Think a little, and change your approach if you get new facts.

The “leader” who sold many well-meaning people the worst deal of their lives, will probably not go to jail or suffer the social consequences with them, and the preachers who urged their flocks on from pulpits might offer prayers or even pay a visit or two, but reports are that facing real jail time has left some of the soldiers of liberty with feelings of remorse and doubt. They’ll have some time to think things over and reconsider how much their behavior and bullying reflects the values of good Americans, Christian or otherwise. Meanwhile, their time and shame in prison will provide them with new perspectives on the meaning of diversity.


Left to stew in the aftermath are the remnants of the once-pragmatic Republican Party, still clinging to the lies, wanting desperately to believe the incredible and given no respect by the cynical politicians — like Congressmen Jim Jordan and Josh Hawley — who lack the integrity to go on record with acceptance of truth.

In terms of numbers and the steep price paid for bad judgment on top of worse luck, those who passed up the best deal of all — free shots to protect them and their families and neighbors from a pandemic — are still worthy of our compassion.

I wouldn’t wish intubation and months in critical care or watching the death of someone you love on anyone. I wouldn’t want to spend the rest of my life wondering how many people went through that trauma because I was too proud or too stubborn to admit the threat was real, with tragic results.

Ghislaine Maxwell probably didn’t worry too much about the price of anything when she was teamed up with Jeffrey Epstein, jetting and yachting the world among celebrities and others comfortably rich enough and powerful enough to buy anything they wanted — by trafficking teenage girls.

People whose education and status might have been their defense are facing new facts. Glamour gets more expensive if someone casts a different reality on it — such as calling it slavery or child rape. Entitlement isn’t a get-out-of-jail-free card. Arrogance is what happens when your confidence is acquired with false character references.

Reality is still for sale, though, and will remain so, or else a lot of bright young people have wasted their time and money getting college degrees in marketing.

Marketing — the essence of American culture — is the road to your choices of reality. Marketing is the new definition of public education, the modern Cliff’s Notes on science, the arts, politics, even religion.

Our culture pays big bucks to those who sell the snake oil, while those in honest work like production, customer service or public assistance struggle to pay bills. The hucksters offer the means to control the economy, political policies both domestic and international, even to explore the vastness of space.


Hucksters do not rely on truth to sell their products and ideas. Facts are irrelevant. They’re in the business of selling every freedom-loving, independent American citizen their own definition of reality. And people are buying now, paying later.

Dean Minnich writes from Westminster.