Party perception is vital to winning elections. If the party is perceived to be too far out on the extreme, it will lose. With every action, there is an equal reaction. Democrats for years have danced the dance at their national conventions allowing every minority and every element to have their time to shine on the political stage. They sing “Kumbaya,” hold hands, and pretend everything is right with the world and everyone is equally heard. They even tell you that they have the biggest tent and all are welcome. Republicans not wanting to be outdone manage to find the few black and Hispanic Republicans and put them on display at their convention.

The problem is that once you elect them they pursue the most liberal or conservative of agendas. Most of the Dems’ ideas involve wealth reassignment. Not only that they feel that some of their office seekers are pre-ordained as a result of “I’ll support you this time around if you support me next time.” The result of this can be seen in several totally un-electable candidates they tried to foist on us that have been rightfully rejected by the electorate. Sometimes in the case that both parties nominate un-electable candidates we unfortunately have to elect one of them. President Donald Trump is the case in point.


In order to sell the wealth reassignment, Dems claim they are only going to go after the richest 1 percent of the population. The richest 1 percent support a ton of lobbyists in D.C. and virtually own the government. There is no chance at all such attacks will be successful. As such, the bill for all of the “free chickens in every pot” (free college, unaffordable minimum wages, etc.) falls flatly on the shoulders of the middle class. Then they have the gall to say they understand the shrinking middle class which is shrinking because of them.

On the other side of the coin, the Republican Party has a huge basis in the evangelical community, which preaches politics from the pulpit as part of its scheme to proselytize its religion. They want to force it down our throats if we want it or not. They use every opportunity they can to enact laws making their religion the law of the land. If their party moves too far to the middle they will splinter out into a third-party movement. The economic conservatives tried to splinter out into a “tea party” movement, which was rapidly reined in by the Republicans before they became an official party. The Republicans realized that movement would harm them way more than it would the Democrats. Same difference; as soon as they get elected they migrate back to the lunatic fringe.

Non-Democrat, socialist Bernie Sanders, has dragged the Democrats so far out to the unacceptable range that it has given birth to a new name for this extremist wing “progressives,” which seems to be catching fire based on some of the primary results. Call it what you want — socialism, bleeding heart liberalism, or progressive. If it involves wealth reassignment from people that have played by the rules and worked hard to earn what they have and simply hand it over to those less willing to work, it won’t play in Peoria.

I’m not talking about people who have legitimate need that past safety nets have satisfactorily protected. I am talking about the permanent welfare class that past liberalism has created. Rewarding people on this system for having additional children so they can get more taxpayer money. As someone who has grown up in a house that had one black and white TV for the entire family; a party line phone that was shared with an unknown other user; public transportation and a borrowed grandparent vehicle when needed, I see no reason why we would want to guarantee color TVs and cellphones to anyone.

So where does this leave those of us who consider ourselves to be common-sense middle? The answer seems to be emerging in a national movement called “Unite America.” This group has come a long way in a short time. Here in Maryland independent candidate for senator Neal Simon is a member of this new wave seeking to unseat Democrat Ben Cardin. I am all for this movement and I intend to support Mr. Simon’s bid. We intend to seat purple (unified independent) candidates who will force the extremists back into the minority and give this country back to “We the People.”

As this movement grows I fear it will harm the Democrats (my former party) more than it will the Republicans. As such I’d like to give fair warning to those Democrats rushing out to that “progressive” ledge that they might just fall off of the cliff. This well could doom this country to four more years of Donald Trump. I’m more interested in saving this country using common-sense government and less interested in partisan politics. As such I’m inviting everyone to meet me in the middle and join us at UniteAmerica.org. This group will give us electable candidates that we all can live with. Never again will we have to choose between tweedledee and tweedledum.

I can’t wait for the day that we seat enough candidates that the finger pointers in both parties are dragged back to the acceptable range.

Steven Davidson writes from New Windsor.