Davidson: Partisan politicians use wedge to keep power

Recently, one of the newer CNN commentators opined that she didn’t think either party wanted to actually resolve the immigration policy as it has proven such a wonderful wedge issue on which to unify the base.

This is an idea that a fellow think tanker and I came up with several years back. It stands right up there with all of the other wedge issues like gun rights and abortion. As long as they can continue to keep wedges between the us(s) and the them(s) they can deny the citizenry of a government that can rationally solve everyday problems.


It empowers the rich to get even richer and ever more in control over the masses. Hopefully, many of us can agree that wedge issues usually are not the most important issues facing government even if the career politicians see them as their guarantee to entrenchment and long profitable lives at the public’s expense. OK, so the base pay isn’t that great but the perks are unbelievable. I’ll save the details on them for another article.

We were unable to come up with the answer as to how they manage to get almost half the people on each side. My suggestion was if there weren’t exactly half the people the issue would get solved and they’d have to find a new issue to keep unresolved.

The way they elevate wedge issues to the most important thing is by sending fake surveys to their mailing lists, which by the way always include requests for donations. The survey asks them to rank the most important issues and of course the most important issues aren’t on the list so the loyalist is forced to rank the wedge issues as the most important … nothing up my sleeve!

I’d go into detail why “The Wall” is not the answer to the immigration problem but I’ve written enough about that already. Just know that both sides profess that we need to do something to fix this long broken problem. For the Dems, impoverished needy people are new life blood for their party. Ever wonder why we never solve the war on poverty? Could it be because we have a never-ending flow of new poverty coming into this country?

For the Republicans, it’s that cheap labor that they need to increase profit margins. Treat them like crap and you won’t have to deal with OSHA or labor relations. If they speak up they get deported. Don’t pay them who are they going to complain to? Once Lincoln freed the slaves, big money got more creative in how they imported cheap labor.

The wealthy’s scheme to enslave the masses has evolved over the years as they are slowly killing labor unions that get in their way. They have also accelerated corporate greed with overpaid executives and golden parachutes way beyond belief. Many of those boards are the people we tired of and voted out of office or who left on their own to seek more power and wealth.

That’s right, this is just the next level of being a career politician. Once they assume the corporate power shareholders pay under the pretense that it is the office holder’s commission for the additional money he is bringing in from his connections (the old pals in Washington, D.C.). Never mind that most of the common people’s pension money is invested in those corporations and is the reason so many pension funds are doing so poorly.

Management usurps the largest share in good business years and bad and shareholders get skimmed. The money-grabbers are often quoted as pointing out the wealth shifting from the rich to the poor done by the Democrats. Didn’t fool me. I’m well aware that wealth-shifting goes both ways and the rich hold all the cards.

Remember the small temporary tax relief that most of us got versus the huge permanent tax cut the wealthiest got? Doing away with middle-class deductions like home mortgage interest and double taxed state and local taxes all the while keeping the rich write-off of the slush fund family charity where they can easily hide and redistribute their wealth at-will.

The wealthy support both parties to cover all the bases. Our founders crafted a Constitution that intended to make this a government of, by, and for the people. Washington did note in his inaugural address that partisan politics could prove the flaw of the Constitution. The true them is the wealthy upper crust and the true us is we the people. It is clear from the President’s lies and the Republican Congress covering for him that power over the people is far more important than power to the people.

We can learn from parliamentary systems like in England and Israel that there is room for another choice and that the wedge drivers can be defeated by a sane organized middle. I really thought independent U.S. Senate candidate Neil Simon would do better than he did against the entrenched career politician Sen. Ben Cardin.

What I realized at the polls is that the wedge system works. People told me they were terrified that moving to the middle would give the other side the edge. There is no “Us” and there is no “Them.” There is one United States of America. Together we stand, divided we fall. If there is anything to fear it is being a member of either of the partisan parties.