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Culleton: Dem wave in election may stall Trump's ruinous policies

There are some interesting comments in the news recently. A report by Jon Kelvey in this paper states that Human Services Programs of Carroll County Inc. is asking people to call their congressional representatives over proposed federal budget cuts that the nonprofit believes will harm programs designed to help seniors, young children and the disabled.

Jarod Golub and Julia Karron of the Associated Press report that Congressman Andy Harris, R-District 1, who represents the northern part of Carroll County, has received $1,975 from the NRA, bringing the total from the NRA since his first campaign in 2008 to $25,447. No other Senator or House member from Maryland has received contributions from gun rights advocacy groups, records show.


If you are growing tired of the prevalence of mass murders keep that in mind on Election Day. We have more guns and more gun deaths than any other developed country in the world.

The American people are usually critical of their government and periodically they change parties in power just because they can. After the Obama years, people were unhappy with government so many voted Republican.


The successful smear campaigns against two Democratic women, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi, helped the Republicans in this regard.

When Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, the USA was the undisputed leader of NATO and the Western democracies. This is no longer true. Our State Department is being rendered ineffective. When Nancy Pelosi was speaker of the House, much useful legislation was passed including Obamacare, which is still our national health insurance program. During the speakership of Paul Ryan, precious little has been accomplished, and the legislation passed to date will hurt rather than help the nation in the long run.

It is noteworthy that the Republican candidate for president did not, in fact, get a majority vote. The Electoral College system, designed to keep a candidate from being elected on sheer popularity, had the opposite effect.

There are three requirements for success in any public office: competence, character and patriotism, and the greatest of these is competence. A leader can win office using charm and attractive promises but when the work needs to be done other qualities are required.

Currently, President Trump has demonstrated massive unwillingness to perform the duties of his office properly. He wants to be the center of all attention.

His recent moves to impose tariffs and to announce he was willing to meet with the dictator of North Korea were done seemingly without any consultation with either his staff or his Cabinet.

Worst of all, he doesn't do his homework before coming to a decision.

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My experience as a supervisor in government taught me the formula for success: You pick the best people, you work closely with them and you listen to their advice. You keep them informed. You show them respect. You ride to success on the wings of the unit’s combined work product.


Donald Trump wants to be the center of attention with favorable publicity. That is all he wants. However, currently public attention is focused on his alleged sexual affair with a porn star.

So he has likely made two unwise decisions with zero input from either his staff or his cabinet. The tariffs will hurt our economy in the long run and his proposed meeting with the North Korean dictator will reward Kim in advance with nothing in return. The record shows that North Korean promises are not worth the paper they are printed on.

If Trump is removed from office it may well be for violation of campaign laws by failing to report the money paid by his attorney to the woman just before the election. Sadly, presidential infidelity has occurred before but payment of bribes to cover up the affair just before an election is a new low point.

The fall election may well result in a Democratic majority in the House. If so, some of the string of ruinous moves by the current president may be stalled.

Repair of most of the damage will have to await the election of a competent president, either Democratic or Republican.