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Culleton: Marylander John Delaney a surprisingly impressive candidate

Ronald Reagan's final speech was in the words of one online columnist, “A love letter to immigrants.” This passage summarizes this part of a long speech: "We draw our people, our strength, from every country and every corner of the world."

There are many other factors of the Reagan presidency that are praiseworthy in contrast to our current presidency, like his ability to hammer out sound policy wit the Democratic leader of the House, Tip O'Neill. To the public they were antagonists but behind the scenes they hammered out sound policy aided by some glasses of Irish whiskey.


If the Republicans could come up with a candidate anything like Reagan they would get many votes, including mine, but that seems most unlikely. If the Republicans feel obliged to reelect the miserable Donald Trump (they have another choice but are ignoring him), and the Democrats have too many — 24 altogether — whom should we select? Here are some who catch my attention and avoid the far-left curse.

Joe Biden is well-known and well-trusted and is still leading the pack. Unfortunately some of the other candidates are turning on him. They should turn on the Trumpster instead.


Marylander John Delaney is surprisingly impressive in stating his case but gets little ink. He does not show up at all in the polls. However he has visited all 99 of Iowa's counties and spent over $1 million in that state. If a poll contacts you mention his name.

Delaney, who represented Maryland’s sixth congressional district — which stretches from Appalachia to the Washington suburbs — from 2013 until Jan. 3, 2019, is often described as a political moderate. In reality, he checks several progressive boxes: He’s a proponent of universal health care (though not a single-payer system), a $15 minimum wage, and the expansion of early-childhood education. In November 2018 he joined a bipartisan group of lawmakers to propose carbon-tax legislation.

“The way I go about getting progressive things done is by finding common ground,” Delaney told an Iowa reporter.

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Through his early efforts in Iowa, Delaney has positioned himself as a unifier, pledging that as president, he would work to resolve America’s increasing political polarization and put forward legislation with support from both parties.

Julian Castro was impressive when he appeared in front of an open house sponsored house sponsored by Fox News. He never failed to have a cool answer to any question asked, however sharp. He is high on my list and I donated a small amount to his campaign.

On issues such as climate change and taxation the various Democratic candidates tend to agree. On the issue of paying Black Americans a fee because their ancestors were slaves there is sharp disagreement. The emigrees from Europe did not all have an easy ride. The Irish faced signs on businesses saying “Irish need not apply” in the 19th Century and within my lifetime Jews faced signs saying "Gentiles Only" on beaches and restricted neighborhoods that effectively said the same thing.

The Republicans and specifically Donald Trump promised a better health system to replace Obamacare. All they did was eliminate a tax that helped support that program. Some Democratic candidates promise "Medicare for all" which cannot be because of the trust fund financing of that program.

Other Democrats propose a public option under Obamacare. That makes sense.


Nobody of either party is addressing the cost per person of all our health programs which is directly caused by the rise of for-profit ownership of what was a combination of independent providers and true nonprofit hospitals and facilities. Any organization that pays its executives salaries in the millions each is NOT a true nonprofit.

Whatever your convictions I recommend avoiding a vote for our current disaster Donald Trump. Think Ronald Reagan or FDR and vote for somebody else.