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Culleton: Democrats should focus on trumping Trump with Senate seats, Biden

For the Democratic party and hence for the nation altogether the most important contest is not who they select for their presidential candidate but how many seats they pick up in the Senate. Donald Trump is a disaster. If the Democrats pick up the majority in the Senate and hold on to the House, his ability to further destroy the nation can be frustrated even if he is reelected. But too many potential Democratic chances for Senate seats have been distracted by the presidential contest.

Of course, if he is not reelected his damaging of the nation will be halted, but he won his first election despite the fact that that Hillary Clinton got 3 million more popular votes. Therefore as I stated before in the coming election we must guard against further intervention by foreign powers, especially the three Communist states of Russia, China and North Korea. Indeed we may be facing a re-creation of something like the Soviet bloc from the Cold War era.


The surest defense of our election system is the least popular, a reversion to election methods that depend on paper ballots and do not expose election activities to the internet at all. The systems experts will object to this; they would rather have an online duel with the other guy's experts. For many years I worked with and sometimes supervised their predecessors in government offices and in various commercial firms. The technology has changed completely since those days, but human nature has not.

It is my judgment that we should take the safest course for the election machinery. The systems experts can still play a vital role and show off their skills in the duel with the other guy's experts, in social media, where our opponents are still very active.


When it comes to the presidential primary elections our Republican neighbors have multiple choices; they can vote to re nominate Donald Trump, they can vote for his one challenger, former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld or they can skip voting in the primary altogether.

Democrats have a much wider field of candidates. Former Vice President Joseph Biden leads the field, based on the perception that he has the best chance to defeat Donald Trump. A practicing Roman Catholic, he has for years supported the Hyde amendment, which forbids the spending of federal money on abortions except in cases of rape, incest or danger to the health of the mother. Now he he has abandoned that support. This may gain him some left-wing support but lose support among religious conservatives.

Biden's critics may revive the old charge of plagiarism. The most notable instance was when he used quotes from British politician Neil Kinnock. Biden has used fragments of Kinnock's speeches several times. Sometimes he has identified the source but at least one time he didn't bother. His political opponents jumped all over Biden's "plagiarism."

My view is that a political speech is not a college paper requiring footnoting of every quotation. Often this column quotes a word definition without mentioning the source. I look it up in a dictionary.

In any case, Biden is my favorite for the usual reason — he has the best chance of trumping Donald Trump. The Democratic polls go up and down but Joe Biden always comes out on top among the Democrats, thus far at least.

My mother taught me that a gentleman does not speak ill of a lady. Donald Trump read a beautiful speech at the D-Day memorial and followed it with a totally vulgar and inaccurate attack on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. The man has no couth. He had a rare victory when he rendered the D-Day speech and then lost all his credit for that tribute by his attack on Pelosi. Shame, shame shame.