Culleton: A look at the roster of top contenders for the 2020 presidential race

In the last edition of this column, I discussed the positive parts of the records of Republican presidents from Abe Lincoln to George W. Bush.

My hope was that at least some consideration would be given to the alternative Republican candidate in the presidential primary, the former governor of Massachusetts, Bill Weld. His resume includes the following:


Vice presidential nominee, Libertarian Party (2016); Governor, Massachusetts (1991-97); Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division, U.S. Justice Department (1986-88); U.S. Attorney General, Massachusetts (1981-86).

Family: Married; Children: 5

Education: BA Classics, Harvard College, JD Harvard Law School.

Positions: Generally conservative.

That is a much stronger resume than Donald Trump had when he was first elected to public office.

Turning to to the Democratic field, former Vice President Joe Biden leads the pack and is my personal choice for presidential candidate.

His resume is well known and includes U.S. Vice President (2008-2016); Senator, U.S. Senate (1972-2008).

For his running mate I strongly suggest Amy Klobuchar. Klobuchar is a fourth-term U.S. Senator from Minnesota. In 2016 the Democrats lost most of the Midwest to Trump, so some analysts believe a midwesterner could help defeat Trump. Her resume follows:

Senator, U.S. Senate (2006-present); Hennepin County attorney (1998-2006).

Family: Married; Children: 1.

Education: BA Political Science, Yale University, JD, University of Chicago Law School.

She has had multiple interviews on television and impressed both voters at this address.

So what about the other strong Democratic contenders? Bernie Sanders has labeled himself a Democratic Socialist and favors restoring voting rights to felons. Color him gone despite his strong voting organization and wide support.

Elizabeth Warren is my second choice for president but has an incident early in her career that the Republicans will beat like a drum. Trump has a dozen or more more serious incidents but his most faithful followers will ignore them all.


Warren has the most detailed and the most ambitious platform yet revealed.

Here are the main points of her platform: 1. The "Ultra-Millionaire" Tax. 2. Taxing Corporate Profits. 3. Holding Corporate Executives Accountable. 4. Making Public Colllege Free. 5. Forgiving Student Debt. 6. Providing Universal Child Care. 7. Increasing Affordable Housing. 8. Bringing Down Maternal Mortality. 9. Addressing the Nation's Opoid Crisis. 10. Breaking Up Big Tech. 11. Breaking Up Big Ag. 12. Protecting Public Lands. 13. Getting Rid of the Electoral College. 14. Providing Debt Relief to Puerto Rico. 15. Improving Military Housing.

Whew! For each of the above items Warren has a detailed plan, including where needed a financing proposal

That is not just a platform for a candidate or even a political party; that is a plan for a nation. And yet she left out some big items, such as infrastructure rebuilding and the gun issue. On that last issue I support the real Second Amendment. Just read the firs tclause. In my youth I served in three different Army Reserve units. That is the modern equivalent of the amendment written in the days of the Brown Bess Musket. And note the wording "people" rather than "person." That point has been missed somehow by the Supreme Court. It protects the community, and not each individual.

I know a fellow who always votes Republican. It is his family tradition. When faced with Donald Trump in the last election he was heard to mumble "No, I just can't vote for him." This was before the multiple misdeeds committed since that election.

I expect that millions more faithful Republicans will express the same sentiment in 2020.