We have become so used to the abuses of the current administration that they no longer shock us. The Republican Party is ill-served by the current president, who lies so often that it no longer excites much comment. For example, recently the president claimed that he had little knowledge of Wikileaks. Yet there are film clips after film clips in which he praised that organization and its leader Julian Assange.

He promised to bring back the jobs that used to exist in the auto industry and the coal mining industry. Those jobs are gone forever. We must find new ways to employ our blue-collar folks. He promised to “drain the swamp.” But appointee after appointee of his administration has been caught with their hand in the cookie jar and forced to resign or put on trial. He did not “drain the swamp” he created one.


If the Republican Party seeks to be taken seriously in the future it must find another candidate. There are several well-qualified Republicans who could be taken seriously, combining competence with good character, men and women who would save the party in the future. The recent mid-term election was a warning flag.

On the Democratic side there is an embarrassment of riches. At last count there were 18 candidates, each of which could outshine the incumbent. My current favorites are newcomers including Pete Buttigieg, Julian Castro, Amy Klobuchar and Beto O'Rourke.

Believe it or not I have a relative who is as loyal a Republican as I am loyal to the Democratic Party. We do agree on two things.

When we receive a phone call which asks us to contribute to a nice-sounding nonprofit organization, with very few exceptions, I just say no, but he asks for the percentages spent on services versus overhead. He seldom gets a meaningful response. Sometimes the nonprofit claims to serve the widows of State Police or other Law Enforcement Officers who die while on duty. A quick search on the web shows that there are generous benefits for the surviving members of such families provided by a combination of workers compensation and other benefits specified by law.

Another point of agreement between the two of us is that residents in the United States should learn to speak, read and write the American version of the English language. Nevertheless one county in Maryland (not Carroll) finds it necessary to print important documents like Election Ballots in nine languages and the medicare people publish important documents with pages in both English and Spanish and offer translators on telephone for 13 more.

Anyone out there speak only Haitian Creole? I thought not. In any case there are many nations that have multiple language groups. There are two Chinese languages for example. Spanish comes in different variations.

The writers of our Constitution considered making German the national language, but settled on the language of our then-enemy England instead.

There is nothing wrong with using another language in the home, and around the neighborhood, or even on the job. But when dealing with people like me, English-only monoglots, that is the preferred language here in this land.

The people crossing our southern border and seeking asylum need to be served by Spanish- as well as English-speaking representatives. They need to be heard by an immigration judge in timely fashion. They need to be given adequate family quarters, adequate food, as needed medical attention and treated decently. They are humans just as we are.

We are all immigrants or the descendants of immigrants. Even the tribes that were here when the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock were remote descendants of peoples who crossed the land bridge which existed in ancient times between Asia and what is now Alaska. My maternal grandparents immigrated here from Nova Scotia, my paternal great grandparents from Ireland.

In all probability you have a similar family tree. We are not superior to more recent arrivals. Our economy needs their labor to fill jobs from agriculture to advanced technology.